Islami Front’s election showdown in South Chittagong


Chittagong bureau:
The nation is now crossing a transitional period. Political unrest has started in the country due to the revenge of two major political parties in the political bankruptcy; the scandal of One Eleven’s sculptor is taking advantage of the scourge. The people of the country do not want to see the fire of any revenge. Wants peace Sunni ideology can give peace to this society. And there is no alternative for Bangladesh Islamic Front for this. Bangladesh Islami Front is the only organization in the country which is committed to the spirit of great liberation war and establishes a society of Sufism. Sufism Islam has brought peace in this country, so the holder of this ideology can still establish peace at Bangladesh Islamic Front. Let us, in contrast to politics and morality unleashed by the ideology of Ahl as-Sunnat Wal Jamaat we are united in the society. For this purpose, in the 11th Jatiya Sangsad election, the candidate of the Islamist Front won the candle symbol by voting. Speaking as the chief guest at election showdown and rally in different upazilas of Chittagong South district yesterday, the central chairman of the organization Maulana MA Mannan said. The main speaker in the showdown and roadside was MA Matin. Allaah Syed Muhammad Moshiuddaula, Allama Abu Sufyan Khan Abedi al-Qadri, Allama Chadkeur Rahman Hashemi, Allama Ahmad Hussein Alqdari, Joint Secretary General SU Abdus Samad, Pare Tervikat Maulana Badruddoza Bari, Maulana Shah Noor Muhammad al-Qaderi, Shahjada Alhaj Belayet Ullah Khan, Pire Taleqat Muhammad Ali, Pirajada Maulana Mobarak Ali, Ameri ahajada Mamun Rashid, Abu Taleb poor servant, Moulana Shoaib Raza, curator ichamaila Maulana Nomani, vice-principal Maulana Zulfiqar Ali, Nurul Kabir alakbaderi prince.
In his speech MA Matin said that five decades of independence is going to be fulfilled, but in the country there is still autocratic rule in the midst of democracy. In the name of development, leader-leader’s pockets are heavy; the development of the real country remains the same. Tens of millions of money is being smuggled out of the country, banks are being given state sponsorships of defaulting debt, terrorism, anarchy, militancy. Those who tried to make the country a militant state in the name of organized gathering in Shapla Chatta, those who attacked Baitul Mukarram, Jamiatul Falah mosque, the Holy Scriptures who burned the holy Quran, who are burnt by fire, today are giving the reception to the Prime Minister. Take care of the priest! Where the country is going, it will not be shown with fingers. At this moment, the peace-loving and Sunni Muslims of the country need to be united. In order to establish good governance in the country and to promote real development, Bangladesh has formed a joint alliance with the Islami Front-Jatiya Party. We will make united elections in Eleventh Parliament. In this election, the victory of the candidates of the Bangladesh Front and Jatiya Party will be ensured. On Saturday morning, at the 8.30 am, the Bangladeshi Islamic Front central leaders of Bangladesh started the march of Sufi saints in the upazilas of Chittagong under the jurisdiction of the Bangladesh Front Front in front of the upcoming 11th National Election by visiting the shrine of the city’s Kutubul Akhtab Hazrat Shah Amanat (R). During this time, different leaders of the district and upazila leaders including the leaders of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, Umayama-Mashaykh, academics, intellectuals, journalists and people of different classes participated in the motor rally. The leaders met Karnafuli, Anwara, Chandanish, Patiya, Boalkhali’s main road, and visiting the shrines of various Sufi saints, with a number of motors, meeting with dignitaries. During the motorcade road, the common people, including Bangladesh Islamic Front, Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Sena, Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Sena, Ahl al Sunnat Wal Jamaat, and the workers, greeted them on the other side of the road. At the time, Shah Amanat Bridge bus stand, Moise Tech, College Bazar, Chatturi Choumuhani, Anwara Sadar, Malghar Bazar, Barkal Maulvi Bazar, Chandanish Sadar, Vagbariya, Kanchan Nagar Badamalta, Patiya Sadar, Manasa Tech, Bangura, Boalkhali Sadar Latest Out Signal Al – The end of the caravan and showdown going through the Samapani rally at Amin Bariya Madrasa ground.


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