The three Saudi priceless missing No more news about them


Do the critics of the monarchy of Saudi Arabia be subjected to kidnappings or assassinations? The killing of journalist Jamal Khasogi in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul – again provoked this question.
The Washington Post’s columnist Khasogi criticized the royal family, especially the reformist Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, in his column of various acts.
Khasogi went to Saudi Consulate in Turkey on October 2 to collect necessary documents. He did not go out of the consulate building. At a time, speculation about the disappearance of his and the accusation and denial of each other, Saudi Arabia acknowledged the killing of Khasogi inside their consulate.

But the criticism of Mohammad bin Salman is the cause of the murder of the Khasogi? Many people with the Turkish government think so.
The influential Saudi royals did not even spare even the politicians of the royal court.
Three Saudi princes disappeared from Europe from 2015 to 2017.
According to Bbb, they all have sarcastically criticized the Saudi government on several occasions and there is evidence that three people were taken to Saudi Arabia after abduction.
No more news about them.
The three Saudi priceless missing are: Sultan bin Turki Bin Abdul Aziz, Prince Turki Bin Banda and Saud Bin Saif al-Nasr.
Sultan bin Turki Bin Abdul Aziz: The late King Fahad’s nephew Sultan bin Turki bin Abdul Aziz. On June 12, 2003, in Geneva, Switzerland, he disappeared when he was invited to attend breakfast.
Later, it was known that Prince Sultan was abducted and taken to Saudi Arabia after being beaten up with drugs.
King Fahd’s beloved son Prince Abdul Azeq bin Fahad invited him to eat breakfast together.
With the criticism of the sultan, due to the crisis that led to the royal family’s leadership, Abdulaziz requested him several times before returning to Saudi Arabia. But the Prince Sultan did not agree to it.
Prince Sultan and Saudi Arabia did not return to Arabia after coming to Europe in 2002. He started living in a house built in a hotel in Geneva. He also provided security for himself.
After coming to Europe, Prince Sultan regularly started interviewing critics of the Saudi government. He criticized the country’s delicate human rights and accuses the powerful Prince and government officials of corruption and called for big reforms in the country.
After the kidnapping in 2003, Prince Sultan was released. It is not known why he was abducted.
According to the BBC, after kidnapping, he was kept in prison or abducted several times in Saudi Arabia. In 2010, the royal family allowed her to go to Boston in the United States for treatment if her health condition worsened.
There he complained of abduction in 2003 against the head of the Swiss Human Rights Court Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd and Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh.
Prince Sultan’s American lawyer presented the documents to the court on June 16, 2003 at King Faisal Special Hospital, Riyadh.
This was the first case of a member of the family in a Western court against a member of the Saudi royal family.
In a Paris hotel in 2016, Prince Sultan flew to meet his father living in Cairo on a private jet. On the way he disappears again. He could not find any more.
It is known that, on the way, he was dropped from the plane.
Prince Turki bin Badaqar: At one time, Prince Turki bin Bager was made Major in Saudi Police The royal family, who had to go to jail for power conflict.
After he was released from prison, he escaped to Paris and started posting various videos on YouTube in 2012 demanding reformation in Saudi Arabia.
At that time Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmed Al-Saleem tried to get him back home.
Ahmed Al-Saleem posted an audio-on-the-air conversation in Turkish on YouTube.
Ahmed: Everyone is waiting for you to return.
Prince Turki: Do I have to wait to return? What will be the letters sent to me by your officials? They said, ‘Son of a prostitute, we will bring you to pull like Sultan bin Turki’.
Ahmad: They will not touch you either. I am your brother
Prince Turkish: No, they’re your guy. Until July 2015, Prince Turki posted a video on YouTube. Since then, he disappeared.
His friend blogger and human rights activist Wael al-Khalaf said, “He used to call me every month or two months. Suddenly, I did not get any phone for four or five months. Later, a senior Saudi official told me that Prince Turki bin Badaar was with them. That is, they took him, he was abducted.
After a lot of searching, I learned about a Turk from Morocco from a magazine. It is said that he is going back to France from Morocco. He was imprisoned after arresting him in Morocco. Later, at the request of the Saudi government a court in Makkah allowed him to hand over.
Nobody knows what happened in the fate of Turkish Bin Bazar. Before his disappearance, he sent a handwritten copy to his friend Wael.
It was written, “Dear Wael, do not disclose this statement to anyone before abducting or assassinating me. I know that I will be kidnapped or they will kill me. I also know how they will undermine my rights and they are Saudi citizens. ”
Saud Bin Saif Al-Nasr:


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