Sohail Rana Biswas of Chittagong district Central Karagar has been arrested by the police



Chittagong bureau: Sohail Rana Biswas of Chittagong district Central Karagar has been arrested by the police. Bhairab Railway Police Station arrested him from a cabin on Wednesday afternoon (Friday) at Mymensingh-bound Vijay Express train. He has received Tk 44.43 lakh cash, a check of Tk 30 lakh and FDR documents worth Tk 25 million in his wife’s name. After getting caught, the district could not provide satisfactory answers to the money-check or FDR-related documents, GRP Police said. Sohel Rana of the district was transferred from Narsingdi district jail on December 26, 2017 to Chittagong Central Jail District. The village house was going to Mymensingh with a huge amount of money in eight months of joining. It is speculated that he was going home with ‘bribe’ money from various illegal sectors in the jail.
Police drive on the basis of secret news that a drug dealer is carrying narcotics in the Vijay Express cabin.
During the search, 44 lakh 43 thousand cash from his bag, three checks of 1 crore 30 lakh rupees and his wife’s name, 20 million rupees FDR documents and 12 bottles of phensidyl were seized. After being arrested, he was admitted to Bhairab Upazila Health Complex. He was shifted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital after physical condition deteriorated.
Officer-in-Charge of Bhairab Railway Police Station OC Abdul Majid said, “We have secret news from Chittagong that a drug dealer is transporting drugs through Bijoy Express cabin. A search was conducted at Bijoy Express at Bhairab Station at around 1pm to catch him. At one stage, a person, including bag-containing money, check, phensidyl and FDR documents, was detained.
Responding to the question, OC Abdul Majid said that among the three checks, a company named asia enterprise gave 40 lakhs. The check is from the South East Bank Mymensingh Branch. Similarly, Premier Bank has given an institution named Tania Enterprise at Mymensingh Branch, BRAC Bank has given ST Enterprise to Mymensingh branch for a check of Tk 70 lakh. There was talk of withdrawal of checks on 28 October. After the arrest, the primary interrogation of the documents, checks and FDR documents could not be given a specific answer. At one stage of the talk, the district’s Sohel Rana became ill, said OC Majid.
In this case, two lawsuits were filed under the Money Laundering Act and one in the Narcotics Control Act.
Proshanta Kumar Banik, senior jail superintendent of Chittagong Central Jail, said the Officer-in-Charge of the Bhairab Railway GRP Police Station, Bhairab Railway Station, on the phone to arrest Sohel Rana Biswas of Chittagong Central Jail. Illegal money and phensidyl were found from the district. They will take legal action. The matter has been informed to our senior authority.
Jail Super said he had left office this morning on a five-day holiday. If he finds anything illegal, then he will be responsible for all of this. The organization will not take responsibility.


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