Metro Rail will run 4 years ahead of schedule



Road Transport and Telecommunication Minister Obaidul Quader has said that completion of the work of multi-pronged Metro Rail project is completed four years ago.
Referring to the progress of the project of journalists after visiting the metro rail project in Uttara on Friday afternoon, he said, “The work of the metro rail was to finish first in 2024. The Japanese brought it down in 2020 to reduce it.
“No one believed that this project would be implemented after Holi Artisan incident. But the Japanese came forward. For this reason, six months have been delayed, yet Jika has brought it forward. “Obaidul Quader said that the metro rail will be open for the city dwellers at the end of 2020,” The work will be completed in two phases of this project, first phase of Uttara to Agargaon, completed in December, The second phase will be concluded between Agargaon and Bangladesh Bank by December 2020. The minister will be inaugurated in December 2020. “The minister feels that the metro area will be implemented in the city’s traffic congestion. ’60 thousand people will be allowed to travel from Uttara to Bangladesh Bank every hour. Five lakhs a day there are five such MRT lines. The work of MRT Line-5 will start from January. We hope that the traffic congestion will be resolved after the completion of these six lines. “About the country’s first subway rail, he said that the first subway rail in Bangladesh is MRT Line-1. We have already made the deal. From Kamalapur to the airport there will be a subway. The work of MRT Line-1 will be completed in 2026. “


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