Juba League leader died in a road accident in Fatikchari


Fatikchari reporter:

On October 25, a Jubo League leader named Rasel Talukder (28) was died in a road accident in Fatikchari on Tuesday when the motorcycle collided with a tree and fell into the truck. On October 25, at around 11pm on Thursday, the accident took place at Chara Battal area of ​​Kanchannagar union of Fatikchhari upazila.
It is learned that Russell was injured in a road accident while coming from Batam Bazar Market from Tehmoni Bazar with motorcycle along with his other two colleagues. Two others were injured in the incident. They are the Vice-Chairman of the union’s ward Jubo League Mansa and co-general secretary Md Sajib. In addition to the accident, the injured were admitted to a private clinic in Fatikchhari Bibirhat Market and in the accident; Russell lost his life The deceased Rashed Kanchan Nagar Union’s South Kanchan munra area of ​​Bhola Ghazi house. Son of Mojaharul Haque member He is said to be the president of Ward No. 5 Jubo League. In the premature death of Russell, the shadow of mourning has come down in the area.


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