373 foreign cricketers on the list BPL Player Draft will be held on Sunday



Sports reporter:
BPL Player cannot see the draft! Do not wait anymore. The BPL Player Draft will be held on Sunday. It will be known on the day that there is no place for any cricketer in the country and abroad. According to the rules of the previous tournament, the BPL franchisees have already retained four cricketers. Apart from this, each franchisee will get the chance to get two more foreign players in the fray. The fate of the rest of the players will be decided tomorrow’s player draft. It’s already known to all the star players in the country. The franchisees who hold foreigners also know it all. As a result, the biggest attraction of player draft is with foreign players. Interestingly, there is more curiosity about foreign players who go to any team. The BPL Governing Council has recorded the names of 373 foreign cricketers in this year’s Player Draft. Their fate will be determined tomorrow. The number of foreign players in this year’s Player draft will be 86, England 86. Its second highest 72 Pakistan Besides, 56 players from West Indies, 55 from Sri Lanka, two from Afghanistan, one from South Africa, 15 from Zimbabwe and 10 from Ireland have been named Player Draft ,The rest 41 players from all other countries. The 373 cricketer who got the place in the draft has been divided into 7 categories. The categories are A +, A, B, C, D, E and F. Of these, there are only 3 cricketer in the A + category! In the ‘A’ category, 5 people in ‘B’ category, 12 in ‘C’ category, 52 in ‘D’ category, 83 in ‘E’ category, and 204 in final category ‘F’ category.


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