The search for ships of two and a half thousand years old



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A ship of Greek merchants about 2400 years ago found the remains of the ship almost unacquainted beneath the Black Sea on the coast of Bulgaria. British media reported that a joint team of the UK and Bulgaria found the remains of the 23m (75ft) long ship. Shipwreck instruments (radar), vessels with sewage vessels are found in almost non-existent areas. These ruins are officially called the oldest intact ships in the world.
There were 67 ruins found in the academic operations of the three-year-long researcher team, including the Roman trade ships and the 17th-century Kosak trade ships. The ship is found 80 kilometers away from the city of Burgas in Bulgaria. Modern divers could not even reach the ship, which was less than two thousand meters of sea level. The researcher team has presented a three-dimensional picture of the ship with the help of two underwater robots and collecting samples for the Carbon Date test for age determination. Nearly 400 BC transport ships have remained intact so long after the researchers say oxygen can stay in free water. Trade this vessel has a similar resemblance to the ship’s design. Researchers were stunned after finding the trade ship, decorated with ancient Greek pottery.
Helen Farr, a member of the adventure team, told BBC, “It’s like another world. When the remote-driven go further goes down the water and in the light of the water, the ship will appear so blandly, it seems that you are back at that time. He said, ‘It is safe and secure. It seems not to be lost and attracted the hunters’.
In the British Museum, the same type of pattern found on the Greek vessel, known as cyan vase, was found in the ship. About 480 BC east ship has the design of the Greek King Odysseus. According to the Greek mythology, its ships pass through three mythical seas. It is believed that the Greek goddess Nimshas, ​​playing the bamboo flute Odysseus, is pushing the death of sailors. Researchers did not yet know about the goods in the ship.



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