Police’s ‘Attacking Action’ to catch Yaba Godfather The palatial house is being destroyed in Teknaf


Chittagong reporter:

To get Yaba godfather in Teknaf, Model Police Station’s newborn OC started the ‘Action Action’ campaign. The novelty of this campaign is to break down the palace of Yaba Godfather’s palatial house.
Teknaf Police Station sources said that police are conducting a manned drive against Yaba godfather in the upazila. The ‘palace’ is being trampled alongside the operation to catch the godfather. In the last few days, the security building of several top Yaba traders has been demolished in Teknaf. Gadfadara got off the news after the operation. In the meantime, the top Home Ministry’s list of top Yaba tablets, Teknaf, Ziaur Rahman, Abdur Rahman and Nurul Haque Bhutto’s house has been demolished. In the Teknaf’s ‘Yaba village’, a procession of Sadar union was set up in Nazirpara and sent 30,000 pieces of Yaba to 3 women and sent them to the court. On October 21, Teknaf Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Poudip Kumar Das conducted a raid on the house of Yaba in Sadar union’s Najirpara with Special Police Force on the basis of secret information. Ziaur Rahman’s wife Rujina Akhter (22), Nurul Islam’s wife Nur Begum (50) and Abdur Rahman’s wife Ismat Araake (20) were detained with 30 thousand pieces of Yaba. The detainees were sent to the court after the case was filed with the relevant drug law.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal ordered to wipe out Yaba businessmen during a visit to Cox’s Bazar on the occasion of surrender of the Dasyu forces. After this directive of the Home Minister, the police started the cracking operation. In this operation, the police was trying to break the yaba gadafadars and destroy the houses where Yaba was found.
Teknaf Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Pradeep Kumar Das said, “I started working with the oath of elimination of Yaba traders from Teknaf.” Everything that needs to be done to eradicate Yaba Godfather will be done. The government has come to Teknaf to fulfill the government’s orders. As powerful as Godfather, no one will be spared.
It is known that after the start of anti-narcotics campaign, drug trafficking reduced by different border areas. But recently, the operation of the law enforcers was relaxed and other drug trafficking along with yawas increased. According to information given by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Department of Narcotics Control, the Teknaf BGB seized Tk 6 crore and the Department of Narcotics Control Department, in addition to Yaba, with the other drug trade. Hundreds of traffickers arrested BGB and Drug Control Department sources said that due to the manpower crisis they cannot seize all the drugs Yaba and other narcotics shipment in various strategies by scrambling their eyes. In some cases the drug trafficking decreased. But now the trafficking has increased again. That’s why they are thinking of going to the hard-line.
RAB sources said, in July they also seized some Yaba shipment. However, five new camps have been set up in Teknaf to prevent other drug trafficking Yaba. At the same time, police and coastguard seized several large yaba shirts at different times.
After the declaration of war against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina against drug yaba, law enforcement agencies were staging. Then some drug dealer was caught in the anti-drug campaign. Some were killed in a gunfight. Most of the top yaba businessmen went into hiding. In this, Yaba trafficking came down on the border. But recently the anti-narcotic campaign became a bit lax as traders in the hiding returned to the area. In addition to their instructions and supervision, the increase in drug penetration in the country has increased with Teknaf and other borders.
In this regard, Assistant Director of Cox’s Bazar District Drug Control Director Soumen-Mo-Law said, “It cannot be said that Yaba trafficking has reduced by the border and the sea Because yaba shipment is entering Bangladesh every day. Our manpower crisis was informed to the senior authority. Later, 10 more were appointed to Teknaf office. At the same time a car has been given. Now yaba and drug trafficking will go strong and social movements have to be developed. She is trying hard.
Teknaf-2 BGB director, Captain Lt. Colonel Asadud-Zaman Chowdhury said, “BGB members are working relentlessly to prevent drug trafficking and thieves with yawas on the border. Yet Yaba and other drugs were entered into the country in many ways. In July, the Teknaf Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members seized Yaba and snooping of Tk 5.91 million while entering the border with different points. In the meantime, 46 thieves were arrested. The case against the detainees has been filed in 164. The BGB has seized Yaba shipment worth 1 crore 49 lakh 19 thousand taka on August 1. At the time a microbus was detained with a trafficker ‘.
RAB-7 Cox’s Bazar camp’s company captain Major Mehedi Hasan said, “Five camps have been set up for drug trafficking in Yaba. In this 15 Plato RAB members were deployed. Aarkan road and marine drive were installed on the road, a special checkpost. Special operation is going on across border areas against drugs.


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