‘Maintain Unity in the Light of Falsehood’ The night sky in the fanus, the sky


Chittagong reporter:

Happy Prabarna Purnima, one of the religious festivals of the Buddhist community, has been celebrated with great enthusiasm. The festival was organized in different places of Chittagong on Wednesday (Wednesday). This included hoisting of fanus, raising national and religious flag, monastic festival, Mangalasutra lessons, Buddhist worship, Panchasant and Ashtanga sub pilot, mahsansan, lessons from Holy Tripit, discussion meeting, Pradip worship, illumination, combined intellectualism for world peace, and Buddha-Kirtan . Basically, in the evening the monsoon skyline became visible in the sky.
Another name of Prabarna Purnima is Ashwin Purnima. The meaning of the word ‘Prabarna’ is to be appreciated, prohibited, etc. After receiving ‘Buddha’ Gautam Buddha two and a half thousand years ago, Ashari Purnima from Ashwani Purnima Tithi celebrated Prabarna festival after three months of monsoon. Since then Buddhists have been celebrating the day after the end of the monsoon.
One of the most promising aspects of Prabarna Purnima is the hoisting of phanus. At Buddhism, Buddha came to Develop on spiritual power and recited his mother to heaven on earth. For this reason, the Buddhists lifted the lanterns in the light of the lamp in the sky full of light.
Chittagong Press Club President Kalim Sarwar inaugurated the Fanus festival at the Nandanakanan Buddhist Vihara premises in the city under the initiative of the Sammilita Parabaruna Purnima Udasan Parishad yesterday. He said that in the light of the fanus lamp, the development of development and development of Bangladesh in the formation of non-communal spirit will be upheld.
Chairman of the organization Swapan Kumar Barar and in the chairmanship of Chief Coordinator Mithun Barraya, spoke on the occasion, Chairman of the Buddhist Association, Ajit Ranjon Barua, Chairman of the Buddhist Association – Youth President Karim Barua, joint convenor of Sammilita Prabarna Purnima Udjapan Parishad. Subrata Baran Barua, organization secretary Sajib Barua Diamond. Among the representatives of different organizations were women leaders Babita Barua, Puspena Barua, Kajol, Tinku Barua, Lokpriya Barua, Kannon Barua, Engineer Border Barua, Vitan Barua, Engineer Palash Barua, Caesar Barua, bKash Barua, Bulbul Barua, Engineer Pradeep Barua, Pulak Kanti Barua and others. After the inauguration of the Funnus festival, thousands of women and women celebrated the festival of Banu festival and Akashbaji festival.
Chittagong University: its own correspondent said that the program was arranged by the Buddhist Students Council, Chittagong University. University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman inaugurated a peace rally on the occasion. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury On behalf of the Buddhist teachers, officials, employees and students of Prabranuna Purnima, she said, “The unique pilgrim place of communal harmony is Bangladesh. Here, people of all religions have been performing their religious rituals unselfishly.
He further said, ‘Considering the religious observance of the people, the conscience feels awakened among the people, the self-realization is achieved. Religious rituals play an important role in building an enlightened person by purifying the great body.
Later, the unveiling of the ‘evolution’ of souvenir unveiled on the occasion of Vice Chancellor Praveera and Ghatikibar donation was unveiled.
Assistant Professor of the Pali Department, Aroup Barua and General Secretary, Oli Chakma, Modern Language Institute lecturer Basavi Barua, Deputy Registrar (Information Section) Debakor Barua, the organizing secretary of the council Sourajit Barua, members of the council, A large number of students were present along with Jawa Barua, Sourav Matsudi, Osandara Marmasaha.
Chandanaish: Our own correspondent said that Prabaran Purnima, the second major religious festival of the Buddhist community in different Buddhist monasteries of Chandnaish Upazila, is celebrated with the help of proper dignity, religious sentiments and great enthusiasm. On the occasion of the festival, large scale enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the two municipalities and 8 union of Buddhist villages, monks were hoisted in Bihar. Shubha Katha Chibara Donation ceremony will be celebrated in every Buddhist monastery today (Thursday).
In the Buddhist monastery of the upazila, the meeting was held in the morning with Buddhist worship, Mahasanghandan and afternoon discussion meeting and the Fanus festival. There are 37 Buddhist monasteries in Chandanaish. Among the Buddhist monasteries, Sucea Sukhhanand Bihar 120, four Buddhist monasteries of the village of Fatenagar, respectively, of East Suneeti Bihar 100, North Sunei Bihar 100, Benuban Bihar 100 and South Sunti Vihara 100 wallets. Besides, 100 jute hoards of East Jowarah Shraddhananda Vihara, 100 janara Santosh Vihara 100, South Jhawara Sarmananda Vihara 100 wallets were lifted. Meanwhile, Sukia Sukhananda was the prompte of the funn hoops in Bihar. Srimat Atulananda Mahasthabee The presence of bridge elder, Ritu Barua, Choton Barua, Pantu Barua and Sujon Barua said.
Patiya: According to its correspondent, Prabarna Purnima is celebrated in Bihar in the evening on the occasion of Patiya Municipality Central Buddhist Vihara and Kalyan Project. On this occasion the principal of the monument said. Discussion meetings were held in the chairmanship of Sangapriya Mahathero. Patiya Upazila was the chief guest. League General Secretary municipal mayor Prof Harunur Rashid Engineer Mizanur Rahman, engineer of municipality, was special guest. Shahjahan, councilor Rupak Kumar Sen, councilor Shafiqur Alam, teacher leader Master Shyamal Dey
Speakers said that it is possible to establish peace throughout the world through the preservation of the common equality, friendship and wisdom of Mahamati Buddha. Buddhist Crew


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