The driver injured on the Kaptai-Rangamati roadside bulldozer


Chittagong reporter:
A bulldozer inverted road and traffic on the Kaptai-Rangamati road. A driver named Mohiuddin (52) was injured. This incident happened on Tuesday (October 23) at 4pm on the road in Dipaphari area. Locals said that the road collapsing from the road down the road into the long turning point of the area, between Kaptai and Dakapachhari and Manikchari areas of Kaptai Rangamati, has become risky. From the hills on the side of the road, with the help of the own bulldozer the soil was being cut at the risky places beside the road. In the meantime, when the bulldozer was going backwards to the back of the bulldozer, the cloth was filled with a cluttered sound. The driver was injured Mohiuddin. On information, police force was sent from the Rangamati police station to the spot. In the spot, SI Mizan said that when the bulldozer was turned upside down, only one foot was left behind and the Bulldozer would fall into a depth of about 3 hundred feet. And if you had turned upside down, then the road would have been blocked. Roads and Highways Department executive engineers are taking necessary measures to remove bulldozers from the road as soon as possible.


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