Not the road, the land which was leased in Hathazari



Chittagong reporter:
The tragedy of Fateyabad-Battaloli-Madarsa-Badshah Mia road in the upazila. The pitch concrete of the important roads of Hathazari has become unsuitable for vehicular traffic due to the formation of big holes.
As the brick-concrete rises in the long run, due to the situation in the field of clay in the water of the rain water, the responsibility to walk on this road. Thousands of people of Fateyabad Bottali, including the northern and southern Madarsa union of the upazila, have been traveling by road to Badshya Mia Road. The students, students of the school and college students and people living in the area are facing extreme discomfort every day. Although the situation of the road has remained a long time, there is no attention to the local representatives or the administration. There is a grim anger in the area. People from the area have demanded to reform the road immediately.
Badshah Mia Chowdhury road that stretches along the Fateyabad High School of Chittagong Hathahajari Highway in the upazila stretching from east to north Madarsa. Thousands of people from northern Madarsa, Southern Madarsa and Chikandadandi union, and Fateyabad Battalili area have been traveling daily on this route. Due to lack of reforms, the road has been running for a long time. Road pitch and brick, concrete mounted on the high street of the road has created large holes. As a result, thousands of people are facing extreme suffering every day. Vehicles cannot be operated due to holes. On the other side, due to muddy water, the walk can not move on the road. On the road to being forced to walk, the rush of elderly patients and women in the jerk of the car is going to get out of this road. Unpleasant sufferings in the school, college students are inconvenienced, clothes spoiled every day.Traffic status of the working people of the area.
The people of the area are suffering due to the tragic state of the road due to the movement of thousands of people in the area. Recently, tourism is seen, the road is a land plowed. Especially in Fatehabad-Battali section there is a very bad situation in this road. There is a huge hole in the road near the Bottali North Mosque. In the western part of Bottali Choumuhani, in front of Fateyabad Kashem Chowdhury’s house, in front of Fateh Khan Mazumdar Jame Mosque and in front of Little Flower School is very sad. The roads and pits of the road were raised and a large hole was created in these places. Due to the size of the straw land in the mud water, there is a lot of problem of transportation in these places. Often rickshaws and CNG are in reverse crash on the road. There is a problem with school students moving to the school. Especially older men and women cannot ride in the car due to whole of road. The people of the area are disturbed about repairing this road. Especially in the Battali area, people are in extreme anguish. Antorul Azam, general secretary of Bottali village drug and terrorism committee, said that the roads should be repaired for the smooth access of the village so that the students could easily go to school. Local people urged the administration to take immediate steps to repair the road.



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