25 rounds of blank bullets to control the situation Four people, including four policemen, were injured in two clashes in Dohajari


Cox’s reporter:
Four people, including two policemen, were injured in two clashes in Ullapara and Burma Colony from 8 pm to 11:30 pm on October 22 (Monday) in Dohazari municipality of Chandanaish upazila.
Among the injured, 11 people, including the police, were treated in Dohajari hospital. Meanwhile, Saiful, 35, son of Nurul Haque, son of Dohajari Ullah, was sent to Chittagong medical college Hospital in critical condition. During the clashes, the traffic movement of the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar highway remained closed for nearly two hours. In it

the passengers of long-distance passengers fell ill. Police Officer-in-Charge Keshab Chakraborty said that police fired 25 rounds of blank bullets to bring the situation under control. Later additional police came and brought the situation under control. During the incident, some miscreants ran vandalism and looted some shops. The affected businessmen said the damage caused by the loss of nearly Tk 20 lakh. After the incident, 9 people have been arrested in Dahejari Burma Colony and Ullapara raids. Detained: The son of Abdur Shukkur of Dohajari Sadar Ullapara Nazim (30), Md. Islam’s pastor Shahidul Islam Sohag (22), son of Habibur Rahman, Belal Rana (22), Abdur Rahim(40),son of dead Aziz of Burma Colony, son of Imtiaz. Sumon (20), Karimullah (20), son of late Nur Hossain, said Ismail’s son Md. Ullah (18), son of Monir Ahmad. Ziku (20) and Hashem’s son Abdullah (22) The detainees were sent to the court on 23 October yesterday.
Locals said that on 17 October, grocery and easy load shops in Jasim Burma Colony were stolen. On 18 October Jasim filed a complaint with the Chandanaish Police Station. Twelve people were injured in the clashes between the two groups of Ullapara and Burma Colony on that day due to the complaint filed. One of the injured was identified as Masque, 16, of Burma Colony, who was sent to the Chittagong medical college Hospital as a condition of the situation. There is a tension between the two groups due to the incident. On October 21 last night, when the two groups were facing the police, the police arrived and brought the situation under control.
But on Oct 22 nights, Ullahpara’s rana spread the talk about beatings in Dohajari Bridge area, at 8pm, there was a clash between the two sides. The people of Dohazari Sadar Ullahparha attacked the Burma colony, including iron rods, dhkhs, kirichas, and vandalized more than 25 shops and houses, including Askar Khan Babu Fishery, Autorickshaw Garage, Noor Alam’s Tea Store, Shahbuddin’s Computer Shop, Kalam Biscuits Warehouse. Later, people of Burma Colony organized a series of attacks on iron rods, docks, kirichs and hockey sticks, Shan Store, Parvez, Amjad, Abdur Rashid, Belal and Nasir shops, beside the Hazari Tower, Phetan, Ahmad Hossain, Isma’il, Solaiman, Abdul Aziz And Abdus Chomad’s fruit store, Walton’s show-room glass vandalism, Subhash and Runner’s watch shop, Nazim shoe shop, Helal, Jafar and Habib’s drinking shops broke Money was looted and cash was looted and goods were looted. The traders claimed that the losses occurred due to the losses of the traders. During the clashes, passengers and passengers of the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar highway were stranded on hundreds of long-distance vehicles. After the Dohajari Investigation Center and Additional Police of Chandanaish Police, 25 rounds of blank firing came and brought the situation under control. Inspector Bdut Kumar Barua (44), ASI Atikur Rahman, 37, Constable Salahuddin, 23, Nure Rahman, 21, and In-charge Inspector of Dohajari Investigation Center were injured in the clash. Saiful (35), Md Tanvir (10), Md. Shakib (19), Anwar Hossain (30) Asif (18), Rafiqul Islam (20), Md. Arif (18), Noor Ali (25), Md. Farhad (22), Md. Alamgir (25), Md. Nuru (23), Md. Parvez (18), Munna (25), Md. Khokan (20), Md. Shakil (18), Lucky (35), Pinki (30), Liton (35), Hasina Begum (25), Munni Akhtar (30), Maske (16) were injured. In this case, ASI Atiqur Rahman of Dohajari Investigation Center filed the case with the names of 28 people and accusing 80 unknown people. At present the people of Dohazari Burmapara and Ullahpara area have been arrested. In each neighborhood, each house is very unarmed. But the situation is under control but the situation prevails.
Officer-in-Charge of Chandanaish Police Station, Keshab Chakraborty confessed that the police fired 25 rounds of blank shot to bring the situation under control. Sides, face, and iron rods face in front of Khanplaza. Meanwhile, four policemen, including two police officials, were injured in clashes between the parties. In this incident the police filed a case with the plaintiff. 9 people were arrested and sent to the court on the basis of the case. Now the situation is normal and the police are on the run.


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