There are not many foot over bridges in many places pedestrians are crossing the road with the risk of life



Chittagong bureau:

Fatema Begum crossed a runway like running in the race competition. When asked about the reasons, he said, “There are so many vehicles in the area, there is no chance of passing the road slowly. Now I got a little blank, so ran. And when the road crosses, the cars do not want to give the site at all. Moreover, there is no foot over bridge to cross the road safely. ‘ In the absence of the foot over bridge, many people like Fatema Begum are crossing the road in such a way as to risk daily life. Women, children and old people are most at risk for crossing the road. The city’s New Market, Tigerapas, Dewanhat, GEC, two gate and Muradpur are seen, pedestrians are crossing the road with the risk of life. As a result, the accident can occur at any time, happening. It is seen that pedestrians are crossing the moving car and running the road. Also, many people cross the street while crossing the head or talking on mobile phones. Amena Begum, additional commissioner of Chittagong Metropolitan Police (Crime and Abduction) said that pedestrians were crossing the road at risk in many places in the city. There may be accidents at any time there. For crossing the road safely, these spots must require foot over bridge. For example: Muradpur, number two, Omen college junction, GEC, Ispahani junction, Tigarpas, Dewanhat, Sheikh Mujib Road, Cornellhat CDS and many other places. People can avoid using small cars if it is a foot over bridge. As a result, it is possible to reduce both accidents and jams. Amena Begum also said that if the government gives an opportunity to bring 50-60 seats of public buses to the country by reducing taxes, then the government may get some revenue, but the transport sector will be benefited. This will reduce the number of small and private cars. Reduced traffic jam Asked about where to place a foot over bridge on priority basis, Additional Commissioner (Crime and Expedition) Amena Begum said that the city corporation should be able to find out the number of street crossing roads in which the number of crosses is crossing. Accordingly, there will be a need to create a foot over bridge before that point. And the drivers need to be aware of traffic laws. Asked about this, Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Abdus Salam said, we realized that the need for a foot over bridge to safely cross the road. So, in November, CSE will start work on two GSEs and a foot over bridge in Muradpur. Being stainless steel structures will not take much time to build them. City Corporation Chief Executive Officer Samduddoha said, there are some important points of the city that require foot over bridge. So the City Corporation has taken initiatives to several foot over bridges. As there are many schools and colleges, tender has already been called to bridge a foot over at the city’s Omni College. Besides, there are plans to bridge two more foot over in the EPZ area of ​​the city. It will be implemented gradually.


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