Sandeep’s three ‘Mustafa’ ran for BNP nomination



Chittagong bureau:

Sandwip BNP family with three ‘Mustafa’ ran for BNP nomination, Former BNP MP Mostafa Kamal Pasha was the convener of a group of Upazila BNP. Other two Mostafa Kamal  Babul is the former BNP secretary general and Nurul Mostafa Khokon, expatriate BNP leader of Qatar. He was once active with the upazila BNP. In the next eleven parliamentary elections, the three Mustafa’s dreams are the candidates from the BNP. For this reason, all three are in nomination race. Isle of Sandwip Upazila has long been divided into BNP Another BNP activist in Sandwip is known as the follower of Aslam Chowdhury, the party’s former district convenor Mostafa Kamal Pasha, former BNP Upazila BNP president and former MP. But they are not very active in the field. The two groups have the counterparty committee BNP convener and former president of the upazila BNP Mostafa Kamal Pasha and joint convener Engineer Belayet Hossain. Other members of the BNP are: President Advocate Abu Taher and General Secretary Jamshedur Rahman. In this constituency, the nomination of former BNP nominee Mustafa Kamal Pasha, Besides, United States BNP’s former general secretary Mustafa Kamal Pasha Babul and expatriate BNP leader industrialist Nurul Mostafa Khokon are also nominated from the party. Three BNP leaders from their own position working to get nominations At the same time, they are working to strengthen their position within the team. But like other times, there is a strong presence in the party, former MP Mustafa Kamal Pasha If there is no accident, he will get nomination this time, it is quite certain. However, the other two nominated candidates Mostafa Kamal Pasha Babul and Nurul Mostafa Khokon did not agree to leave. Regarding the nomination, former MP of the constituency Mustafa Kamal Pasha told daily Purbkon, “I will seek nomination from the party again. However, due to police and ruling party in Sandwip BNP cannot run any program in the field. Police kept arresting the BNP activists during the party’s party activities and arrested them. That is why the organizational program of BNP cannot be observed in Sandwip. ‘Meanwhile, the other two nominees, Mustafa Kamal Pasha Babul and Nurul Mostafa Khokan were not allowed to get reactions because of their stay abroad. However, their close sources said, the two BNP leaders from the party nominated for the nomination. For this, they often perform party programs after coming out of exile.



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