Braxtil: Millions of people on the streets of London demanding a second referendum



International Desk:

Millions of British citizens were brought to the streets on the streets of London demanding a second round of referendum. This is the biggest gathering of breaks, international media said. The movement was held in London on Saturday. The protesters had the European Union (EU) blue and the golden flag Banners were written about the claim of another referendum. International media reported that due to this movement, the country’s Prime Minister Theresa May will be under pressure. He failed to negotiate breaks with European Union leaders in Brussels. It is known that the UK will leave the EU in March next year. After a few months of discussion, there was a widespread divide between the main parties. In addition to the conflicts among the Conservatives, the Labor Party has been hesitant about how the EU would be deployed. However, many of the two parties have questioned, is there enough time for a second referendum? James McGrury, one of the organizers of the procession, said voters should be given the opportunity to change their decision because the decision will affect the next generation. Everyone thinks that the discussion has been tense in the discussion. There is no confidence in the government. Organizers claim that seven million British citizens took part in the procession. This is the biggest rally in the UK since the 2003 anti-Iraq war. The country’s metropolitan police say that it is not possible to tell the exact number of people.

London mayor Sadiq Khan started the rally from the Parliament Square area, with the help of the main political parties.


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