World Cup Trophy in Chittagong



Sports reporter:

At 10:45 am, the 11kg weighing trophy reached the tennis court through strict security from Hotel Radisson Blu. The trophy was supposed to be there until 6pm, but it was taken half an hour before. It has been learned that the trophy was taken before the scheduled time for the ICC’s work.

The trophy will be closed today by going to Nepal. It is known that the trophy will reach England in the 11 to 12 countries on February 19.

After this, hundreds of cricketers did not see the trophy after being frustrated and also expressed grudges meanwhile, in the morning after the trophy came, according to the schedule scheduled for the first half an hour allocated for the underprivileged children. They look at the trophy and take part in photo stations. Remembering to come forward on stage, the former national cricketer, Aftab Ahmed, who won the match against Bangladesh in Cardiff against Australia in 2006, came with Aftab Ahmed, who came to Bangladesh with the same match at the MA Aziz Stadium in the same year, Bangladesh Open opener Nafis Iqbal Khan, against Bangladesh’s first Test win (against Zimbabwe) They both exposed the 20-Cup trophy. After expressing his feelings Aftab Ahmed told  I did not know any language to understand how it felt when I took the trophy. And on the day that any captain of Bangladesh really will present this trophy, he will not be able to tell us how it all will feel. We are waiting for that day and I think we are on the way. Another cricketer, Nafis Iqbal, said to express feelings, “It is a special honor for us. We are very proud of this. It will be very encouraging for the budding cricketers. We are glad. One day we will win this trophy. But not for this year, we will be one of the champions of the next season. We are now part of all the tournaments, including favorites, with a cup of Tk. It is to be noted that among the organizers of the stage, Aftab Ahmed and Nafis Iqbal were among the organizers of Ali Abbas, Aminul Islam, Alhaj Didarul Alam Chowdhury, Abdul Hannan Akbar, GM Hasan, Ohid Siraj Chowdhury Swapan, Hasan Murad Biplob and several councilors. The third phase came to the stage in the country’s first international one-day match between Bangladesh Shahidur Rahman and Nurul Abedin Nobel and former national cricketer Azam Iqbal and district team player. Ishtiaq, Fazle Ahsan Khan, Titu and many cricketers. They all took part in photo shoots. Many of them said that taking part in such activities is a matter of pride. Meanwhile, the legendary band star Ayub Bachchu was relieved to accept the funeral and funeral of the city mayor AZM Nasir Uddin could not come on time, but at noon he took part in the photo session at noon. Then, through strict security, it was made open to ordinary visitors. The trophy was there for 4 to 30 minutes in the afternoon. Fazle Bari Khan Rubel, manager of Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, was the overall supervisor of the entire program. Several collaborators, including Saiful Alam Babu, Abdur Rashid Lokman, assisted him. Note


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