Shafiqul Islam Baby Chowdhury was an ideal and honest man ,many time he work without eating



Chittagong bureau:

The politics made the baby brother He was an ideal and honest man. He never had greed for money and money. He did not give the family enough time to do politics. Yet his sons and daughters have been established today. ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, President of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs Ministry, said this while addressing a press conference on Saturday at the press club of Shafiqul Islam Chowdhury Baby. He said, ‘Our baby brother has always worked for the welfare of the people of the area. We cannot even give time to the family. Our time is Limited. I cannot give time to family while working for the people. Apart from Baby Chowdhury, I have to make the next election. If he was not to think about the election, I would not have thought. He was very kind and never compromised with injustice ‘. He said to the people of Ravana, ‘A man can never be good for everyone. There will be something that will be good for the future and the country, but it may be unpleasant to some people. In the chairmanship of Daily Azadi Editor MA Malek, the chief negotiator of the memorial meeting was Jasim Uddin Chowdhury, chairman of The Purbkon Limited. President of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce Mahbubul Alam, Press Club President Kalim Sarwar, Professor Akter Alam, Raujan municipal panel mayor Bashir Uddin Khan, Panel Mayor Jamir Uddin Parvez, RUZAN UP Chairman Association President Abbas Uddin Ahmed, Maulana Shah Abdul Halim Al Madani , Advocate Dipak Dutta and others. Daily Azadi Editor MA Malek said, “In other memorable meetings, there are people in the room at the beginning, but after a short time 75 percent of the people leave. But in today’s commemoration, I found evidence of love for Babu Chowdhury. We all have some white pages. If we can fill our white pages with good works then people like us will be remembered like Baby Chowdhury ‘. Jasim Uddin Chowdhury, chairman of The Prestonon Limited, said, “I had eye surgery for around 10 years in Raozan area in 1987. Then I saw people like Babu Chowdhury very much. He helped me in various ways. He praised Fazle Karim MP and said, “I am talking about other MPs, you have to act like Fazle Karim.” Improve the area ‘ President of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce Mahbubal Alam said, “There are very few people who have sacrificed like Babi Chowdhury while doing politics. He listened to the common people and listened to them. There are some people who came suddenly in politics and suddenly went away. But Baby Chowdhury did not come in politics suddenly, so he will remember the man forever ‘. Press Club president Kalim Sarwar said as special guest, “We are present here in the meeting of the people who were associated with the Chittagong Newspaper.” Baby Chowdhury was acceptable to us as a simple, clean and active politician. When I went to his various programs, he never had a great leader, his words or behavior. Babu Chowdhury has never tried or tried for political gain in a long political career. Journalist Shawkat Bangali, Convener of the Council, Moushaluddin Md. Addressed the memorandum in memory of the Secretary of the Moinuddin Quader Lavlu. Badrul, Baby Chowdhury’s son Saiful Islam Chowdhury Rana, Sarzu Md. Nasher, Habibul Zakaria Rasel, Mohiuddin Imon, Samaran Parishad coordinator Saidul Islam and others. Among others, Upazila Vice-Chairman Nur Muhammad, Prof Kamrul Islam Selim, Advocate Syed Mohammad were present in the memorial. Kamal Uddin, UP chairman Abdur Rahman Chowdhury Lalu, Sukumar Barua, BM. Jasim Uddin Chowdhury Hiru, Rokon Uddin, Lion Shahabuddin Arif BA, Abdul Jabbar Sohel, Divisional Coordinator of Sucinda Foundation Advocate Jinnat Sohana, among others.



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