In Karnaphuli, there are 13 calf deaths due to poisoning in the food in the Karnaphuli upazila of Chittagong



Chittagong reporter:

There are 13 cows and 15 calves, including the death of calves in the last 15 days. Dairy farmers are suffering from worries with millions of taka losses. There are about five hundred dairies in Karnaphuli upazila. On October 2 this year, Milk Vitra director Nazimuddin Haider’s seven cows died. Among them, three cows died and four cows died due to food poisoning. Nazim’s Mazar Shah Chamiya Dairy Farmer 80 more cows suddenly fell ill a few days ago. Due to the spread of adulterated vaccine and adulterated food, cholera diseases have developed. On the other hand, there are about 100 cows in the Shahpur estate of Nuruddin Shah Amanat Dairy Farm in Bakhteer Para in Shikalbahara. In the last 4 days, four cows died in food poisoning and 4/5 other cows were attacked Trying to recover cows with vaccines and saline. He said that the food was purchased from the Alif Trading Store in Rajakhali area of ​​Chittagong and the food was given to the cow. A few days ago, four cows died in food poisoning after eating that meal. Some more have been attacked. When talking to Chittagong veterinary surgeon Rezaul Haque, he said that the food items were mixed in different places and mixed with different food. There is no definite validity. Fennel is caused by poisoning due to rain in the rain. The cows become sick by eating this food. They even die. Various vaccines and saline are given to prevent poisoning. Farmers are a little careful, wet, rotten and inert food, they do not get poisoned after drying them in the sun. The toxicity of the toxicity of the toxicity vaccine is not poisoned. Such suggestions are given to the farmers. Sample food poisoning has been sent to the laboratory for testing. The report can actually be found in the correct information. Shikalbaha Dairy Association President Haji Zafar Ahmad said that due to food poisoning the farmers are facing the loss of millions of rupees. The demand of the animal resources department is to demand food quality testing. South District Dairy Farm Association president Nevish Harun said, the Chittagong veterinary office, Patiya Veterinary Office, contacted the office and demanded necessary action. Livestock department fielders are giving necessary counseling. Najim, owner of Alif trading, said, “We sell hundreds of sacks of food. But the farmers did not complain. However, they do not blame if the owners of the farm mix a mixture of adulterated food, causing poisoning. They were called upon to be cautious.


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