Dustbin deterioration in the classroom near the school South Bakolia Ward No. 19



Chittagong reporter:

Bakhliya Miyakan Nagar has become a dustbin by putting dirt and garbage on the road in Badamtali area. It has become the responsibility of walking through bad roads. Apart from the dusty bin, the detergents have been lying in the classroom due to the bad habits of students and teachers. Children learn the benefits of moving from the road to the dustbin, but the students did not get the benefit. City Corporation claimed that due to not having a dumping station, the garbage was dumped together at that place. It is seen that garbage was being dumped on the road in Makhan Nagar Badamtali area of ​​Chattai canal. Chir Chakatai Kindergarten School is situated next to this temporary dustbin. From morning to evening the local people have turned the road into the dustbin. Walking through the streets of the scum of the scum of scattered food has become difficult. Especially in morning, noon and afternoon, the poisonous odor of poisonous children is expected to be stopped. Due to the dirt on the road, the traffic has been deteriorating. Locals said that this road is one of the roads in the ward. Badamtali road is the only medium for the majority of the residents of the movement. Thousands of people travel this route every day. Due to the bad odor of the dustbin, many people living in the rented house in the area are leaving home and leaving elsewhere. Students and guardians of Char Chakta Kindergarten School have organized a human chain on September 29 to demand temporary removal of temporary dustbin. School Principal Mizanur Rahman said the environment was polluted due to the development of the dustbin on the roads. Open garbage is spreading in different places, whose stomach has become difficult to travel through the road. Dakshitra dirt-garbage due to non-permanent dustbin in South Baklia, Chaktai New Mosque, West Para, Tulatali Jamai Bazar, Noor Hossain Chairgharga, Balur Maid, Ali Store Building Area, Takhtarpur, Ishaq Pool, Badri Tech, Maider Milla, Badamtali, Bou Bazar Is dropped. Known as densely populated areas where dirt-rubbish is scattered. This resulted in the entire area being in the dustbin. Apart from the homes, residents of slum areas also dump the environment on dirt-rubbish roads. Badaktali Boro trader Shawkat Osman said, there was no dusty bin at Badamtali bore. Due to not having permanent dustbin in this area, the dirt-residue has been started on the street for a long time. Important area of ​​South Baklia area has become a dump of mud. Bad food cannot be placed in the business institute. The stabilizers said that dawn dumps were made of dumpling temporary dustbins by dirt-rubbish vans from different places in the area. In the afternoon, the dump stacks increased. As a result, the stomach scars the whole area. Ward councilor 19, Yasin Chowdhury Ashu said that due to the absence of a dumping station, there was a stack of dirt and garbage in the van. Dump trucks were taken together at night. However, on Mansur Ali Road, the government khas place has been planned to be a dumping station. If the place is found, then the dumping station will be built here. There is a plan to set flower gardens and fountains in the beauty page of Badamtali road.


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