94 weapons and 7637 ammunition deposited 43 surrendered pirates to six forces Arfatul Majid and Habib Sajib in the Maheshkhali



Chittagong bureau:

94 weapons and 7637 ammunition deposited 43 surrendered pirates to six forces Arfatul Majid and Habib Sajib  in the Maheshkhali .After the era of the Bay of Bengal, the active rule of the sixty-five armed forces of the sixty-five years. Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia and Banshkhali had their strongholds on the coast. The leadership was led by Anjou Bahini, Ramiz Bahini, Nurul Alam Prakash Kalbauddin Bahini, Ayub Bahini, Jalal Bahini and Alauddin Bahini. Armed armed bandits carried out on the banks of the coast. They have lost hundreds of fishermen in their hands Thousands of fishing boats have been looted. Every time the ransom ransomed The hostage was the whole coastal people. The boat owner and the fishermen spend the day on fire. But that horror is no longer there. The robbers understood their mistakes. They apologize. They want to return to normal life now. The coast is safe to return to their normal life. Now fishermen can catch fish in the sea fearlessly. On Sunday, at 12.30 pm, 43 pirates surrendered to Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal at Maheshkhali Adarsha High School ground in Cox’s Bazar. They worked for 6 pirates of the coast of Maheshkhali and Kutubdia of Cox’s Bazar. Now they surrender. They have deposited 94 weapons and 7 thousand 637 ammunition. RAB general secretary Benazir Ahmed, MP Ashik Ullah Rafiq, MP Saimum Sarwar Kamal, DIG of Chittagong Police Department Khandakar Golam Faruk, Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner Kamal Hossain and Police Superintendent ABM Masud Hossain were present. RAB and mass media workers took special initiative to free the pirate and terrorism of Moheshkhali coast of Cox’s Bazar. The elite force started the process of turning the life of terrorism from pirates into a normal life. After long time communication, about 43 pirates and terrorists of Maheshkhali coast are surrendering to RAB. They also submitted 94 weapons. In the meantime, the robbers of Kalba and his forces surrendered with the sophisticated weapons of the country’s first sophisticated weapon. It is learned that the main accused, Anuju, 35, was identified as Shikder Sonadia, son of late Badiul Alam of Purbapara area. His two wives have eight children. For almost a decade, they were being banded in the coast of Maheshkhali and Kutubdia. Under his leadership, an armed bandit was active on the island of Sonadia Fishermen around the coast of the hostage by the force. Anjou Bahini’s chief Anjoo Sikder has been accused of a dozen cases of long-life terrorism. But fear does not take this life away from terror, and it does not look good Wanted to return to normal life. Hundreds of armed pirates and terrorists regularly create panic on the coast of Anju, listed by the Ministry of Interior, pirates listed. They also came to come back to normal life like an oasis and terrorists. On Saturday, 43 people, like Anjur, were returning to normal life due to relief on the coast. However, the general people of Maheshkhali demanded to destroy Maheshkhali’s mountain weapons and drug factories.


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