Police instructed the girl’s body to be taken to the hospital, 8km away from the shoulder father



International Desk:

Mukund said that the police did not have any arrangements for carrying the body. Rather I ordered to take the body of the girl to the hospital. No car rental capacity. After the autopsy, the 7-year-old girl’s body came to the shoulders and came to the hospital. The tragic incident happened in the Gajapati district of Odisha, Almost one such incident happened in Kalahandi district of Orissa in 2016. A person named Danas Majhi, who returned home from the hospital, walked away 10km away from the hospital, walking on foot on shoulder. Recently, the cyclone has been torn down by the Chief Minister of Odisha, Gajapati Jhela. There, on October 11, at the Atankpur village, Mukund Dorar’s 7 year old girl Babita disappeared. His body is found in a canal. An official from the state’s relief department said that Babita died due to soil crumbling during Titolir. The body found on Wednesday in a nallah. Meanwhile, after getting the news of the body, police reached Mukund Doraha’s house. Mukund said in the press, the police came and took away the picture of the body. It can be said that the bodies should be taken to Bhabanipatna Hospital for the post mortem examination. Mukund said in the media, the police did not have any arrangements for carrying the body. Rather, he ordered to take the body of the girl.


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