In the city of waste, 25 megawatts power plants: Power Development Board to develop a waste-based power generation project



Chittagong bureau:

The waste of the city will have 25 MW power generation capacities. Chittagong City Corporation will sign a contract with PDB tomorrow to build the environment-friendly power plant. The Ministry of Energy and Power will implement the project. Chittagong City Corporation will only provide waste and space. It has been learned that it has been prepared by the Power Development Board to develop a waste-based power generation project on the basis of IPP (Independent Power Production). Bangladesh Power Development Board Secretary Mina Masud Uzzaman has sent the CAS for signing the signing of City Mayor AZM Nasir Uddin on August 20. On October 15, the agreement was again sent to the Mayor along with Mina Masud Uzzaman. Asked for the City Mayor AZM Nasir Uddin Muslim times, the power and energy ministry took the initiative to set up this power plant, according to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directive to build a pollution free city. The proposed power plant for Chittagong city was initially 10 megawatts. Later, PDB proposed to increase it to 25 megawatts. City corporation or city dweller will be a big beneficiary in this power project. It is a pollution free environment. He said the cost of generating electricity from this waste is a little higher. In all the countries of the world, the government has subsidized this sector for the protection of environmental protection. Only the waste and land are sought from this city corporation for this project. If we agree, they will start work If you want to know the Chief Executive Officer. Shamsuddoha told Daily Muslim times the contract will be negotiated tomorrow after Sunday. We still do not know how much waste will be needed for the production of 25 megawatt of electricity after the discussions will decide. They gave a letter to a draft a month ago. They talked on the phone last Thursday. They will study about two and a half months to study the feasibility study. Then they will give DPP to the City Corporation. Then the project will be sent to the ministry. Planning commission, pre-approval will require ECNEC approval. Regarding the place, he said, there is no place other than the pile of waste in Halishahar. But we do not know how much space it will take. If it takes a bigger place then it will be difficult to find places inside the city. PDB Chittagong’s Chief Engineer Prabir Kumar Sen told Daily Muslim times on Friday night that a compromise agreement will be signed between City Corporation and PDB to set up an environment-friendly power plant in the city’s building at 10:30 in the morning. This power plant will be set up through open tenders. He said that the city corporation at Halishahar is sufficient for that place to waste the power plant. Generated electricity will be in the national grid.  City corporation sources said a meeting was held in the presence of senior secretary and secretary power division of the Prime Minister’s Office in the conference room of the Power Division on 10 November 2014. A meeting was held in the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources on November 10, 2016 to finalize the compromise agreement and Articles of Association (AAA), according to the decision of the meeting. It was chaired by State Minister Nasrul Hamid. It is said that there is no substitute for science-based waste management as a prerequisite for building a well-functioning city. At the meeting, the Chancellor informed that there is no problem in removing the waste from the rice. Four decisions were taken at that meeting. Regarding supply of certain quantity of City Waste by City Corporation, the Power Development Board will take the project to generate electricity from the waste on IPP basis. In that case City Corporations will provide the necessary land free of cost for the construction of the center. This center can be implemented by forming Joint Venture Company or Joint Venture Capital Company. Chittagong, Narayanganj and Gazipur City Corporations will take necessary initiatives to acquire necessary land for the waste disposal of the city and provide the necessary assistance if required by the power department. After the meeting, City Corporation and PDB are being circulated more than once. After four years of taking initiative, the power generation project is being implemented from waste.



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