Breakdown Options B Chowdhury’s alternative ways in Bangladesh party




Mannan and Mahi expelled Former President AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury’s group has broken into alternative ways in Bangladesh. Some leaders of the group claim their main options; they have basically banned the alternative. Advocate Shah Alam Badal, who was expelled a week ago by B Chowdhury – Focus Bangla, told journalists about the formation of a new committee at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Friday morning. Claiming to be the main section of their choice, he announced that he will soon join Kamal Hossain’s national unity front. The new section, which has claimed the main part, has been named as Professor Nurul Alam Bepari, a teacher of Dhaka University and Shah Ahmad Badal, the secretary general. This part is with the national united front. As a result, one of the two parts of alternative mode is B. Chowdhury’s alternative will be in the United Front and the option of Nurul Alam will be on the united front. This section of the alternative group is the current president B Chowdhury, Secretary General Abdul Mannan and Senior Joint Secretary General Mahi B Chowdhury has been expelled from the post. Basically Dr the two leaders have left the party due to lack of joining the national united front under Kamal Hossain. Earlier on Saturday, Shah Ahmed Bowden and Jan Alam were expelled from the alternative. Chowdhury The two leaders decided to leave the party due to lack of joining the united front. Shah Ahmad was the president of alternate groups and Jain Alam was the agricultural affairs secretary. New section president Nurul Alam Bepari was a member of the presidency-lier from the beginning. Earlier, in 2004, a leader named Kamal Ahmed broke the line. But the breakdown did not last. There was no effect on the team or the team. However, due to breakdown this time the alternative is expected to be divided into two parts because b. Chowdhury’s alternative is in the United Front, and the new section is being added to the National Unified Front as an alternative. New section president Nurul Alam Bepari said they formed a temporary committee. The full committee will be formed soon. He said that in this interim, the temporary committee will be considered as the only legal leadership of the National Unity Front and any program. And Secretary General Shah Ahmad Badal said, they are the main stream of mainstream political parties. He said that the part of their party that has denied national unity has betrayed the party and the nation. Bangladesh is a part of the democratic movement that is headed by the National Unity Front. He claimed that they are the main stream Outside of those who are anti-people forces of power Senior Joint Secretary General Mahi B. Chowdhury said, there are alternatives. Some might have gone out of the way of alternate ideology. Badla, the leader of the alternative section, opposed him after he did not join the national unified front under the leadership of Kamal formed by BNP. There was a counter action within a week. On the initiative of Badals, there was no immediate reaction from alternative stars B Chowdhury or Abdul Mannan. Badal said today there was a press conference in our national press club. Come and see that it has been canceled. We do not know whether our scheduled press conference was canceled in our gesture. We decided to release the QM Badruddoza Chowdhury (President), Abdul Mannan (Secretary-General) and Mahi B Chowdhury (Joint Secretary General) for breaking the party discipline under Article 5/2 of the Constitution. We want to say clearly, we are the main section of the alternate section, “claims Badal. Badal, with the help of Professor Nurul Alam, said, “I am the secretary general, Shah Ahmed Badal Badal. In other posts we will nominate in few days. When asked why he did not expel B Chowdhury if he disciplined – Badal asked if he was a respected person, then he was exempted. Asked about the next step, he said, “We will soon be involved with the national unified front.” After the establishment of BNP, B Chowdhury formed an alternative clause some decades ago after being forced to leave the president’s office during Khaleda Zia’s rule. BNP secretary general Mannan was also a member of the BNP. Before the eleventh parliamentary elections, B Chowdhury was in the process of forming a new coalition under Kamal Hossain recently. But if the BNP wants to join them, they have given condition to leave the party with Jamaat. If the BNP did not come to the clear statement, Kamal Hossain went ahead in the formation of a coalition with them; B Chowdhury’s party did not join the national unified front then.


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