Last smile in the dramatic match is Brazil



Sports reporter:
After the scheduled 90 minutes of the match, it was added as an injection time for four minutes. The way to add extra time to the game is to end. Supporters are going to give the Brazilians an uncertain Brazilian Lionel Messi without Argentina But the match is that of Brazil-Argentina. It is not how dramatics will be. Brazil got the corner in the last minute of extra time added. Mirandas, who was caught by Neymar’s extraordinary shot, reached the goal when he touched his head. The supporters of Samba’s country went to Bijoyallas Brazil has won the victory in the match between the two teams of football championships. Preeti match as paper and pen. Since the two teams were Brazil-Argentina, then there was a fight between Dhundhumar and the classical fight in the World of Football. However, he did not have to play in the field match. In the whole match, the two teams took a glove shot 23. Brazil has shot 12 and Argentina 11. Most of these 23 shots are at the end of the second half. Only four shots in those 23 shots While Neymar-Jasusara could keep three shots aiming, Icardi-Dibalara could only have shot a goal in a glittering shot. In the first half of the match, Brazil was ahead in the field of ball possession Although Argentina got the first opportunity of the goal. However, the sales of shot-outs from the outside of the D-box are short-sighted. Argentina got another chance to forget Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker in the 22nd minute of the game. It is also wasted. Brazil took the opportunity to win the 28th minute. Miranda took the cross of Kashimar cross But he saved the journey from the goal line Nicholas Ottamendi Argentina got free-kick in the next minute Although Paolo Diabla’s free-kick could not find the address of the net. In the end, the two teams were able to break the gap. The beginning of the second half was horrific for both parties. Brazil’s defender Danilo left the field with injury within a few minutes, the yellow card saw two Brazilians and three Argentine players. Neymar also included However, in this half, two teams played in attack and counter attack. Of course, no one could find the address of the trapped net. Brazil captain Neymar also missed a number of opportunities at this time. Additional four minutes are added after the scheduled game. At the last moment of the added time, the ball flew from Neymar’s corner jumped up and heading in the head, trapped in the net, Miranda was delighted by the fans.



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