End of 41 Hours Waiting Nilufa Villar’s two women ‘militants’ surrender



Police arrested the two women suspected to have been involved in the Nilupha Villas, surrounded by two days in Madhabdi in Narsingdi, who have surrendered to militant law enforcers. And without any bloodshed, long 41-hour nervous wait was ended.-bdnews24
At around 3pm on Wednesday, the two women wearing black dresses were taken to a specialized ambulance in the police station around the cordon of the law enforcers. At that time they were wearing helmets on their heads.
A police officer in the expedition said that they broke into a cell wall of the building on the fifth floor of the seven storey building. After that the two women agreed to surrender there. Earlier, around 12pm, Police Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC) chief Monirul Islam told reporters that they would try all the efforts to force suspected militants to surrender before the final operation. If they can not be accepted, then only Swat will start the operation.
Two people were killed in a fire at a five-storey house in Bhagirpur of Meherpara union on Dhaka-Sylhet Highway, about two kilometers away from the seven-storey house of Madhabdi. They have a woman, a man.
The members of the Counter Terrorism Unit and the Police Inspector’s Cell (LIC) surrounded the two houses at 9pm on Monday after receiving information about militants.
After the operation of Bhagirathpur on Tuesday afternoon, Monirul told journalists, he felt that the victims were ‘neo JMB members’ after seeing the ‘sample’. They made four bombs out there. From then on we realized that they had no plans. They had prepared for any major sabotage.


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