TSP Colony Image changed to CCTV 41 Number North Patenga Ward



Chittagong bureau:
TSP Colony of North Patenga Ward No. 41 of the city. The residents of this colony were abusive to produce exotics a few days ago. During the day, drug abuse, cheating, cheating, and other crimes were also involved. But the current image is different. Closed Circuit (CCTV) camera has been installed in the colonies at Criminal control. The colony image has changed. People living in colonies are relieved.
It is learned that about one thousand people, including families of different areas of the country, employed in Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) of the country’s only phosphate fertilizer factory, live in this colony a secondary school in the colony, mosque, clubs for employees, women’s clubs, bachelor’s hostels, and many shops have significant assets of TSP. The colonists were involved in various crimes including drug abuse, theft and hijacking. The biggest problem was the harassment of girls while going to school and colonies. Colony security workers have been beaten to death due to obstruction of entry of outsiders just a few days ago. During the day many cases of robbery and robbery have also happened.
It has been found that six closed circuits (CCTV) cameras have been installed at important locations, including the entry of Colony for crime control and identification. Besides, the number of security workers has also been increased. An employee, who is always in charge of taking care of this CCTV, is an employee. A law-order committee is also constituted to bring crime under control. As a result, TSP Colony has become more useful for safe move than ever before with the introduction of illegal movement. Residents of the colonies are relieved by this. And they welcomed such an opportunity to eradicate long-term problems.
Locals said, the colony was bight in the movement of the outsiders. But now we have got some relief. Stalking women on the streets, drug abuse during the day, stealing of houses and other crimes were a part of the day in this colony. After installing CCTV, all these problems have been resolved. TSP Colony will be an example of this kind of initiative. Meanwhile, locals said that the CCTV has installed more and more.
The President of the law and order committee of the TSP Colony and the headmaster of the secondary school said that the initiative is about the initiative. With Hafizur Rahman He told, initially, we decided to install six cameras and it was installed. As a result, the number of crimes has decreased as compared to the previous year. More cameras will be installed if needed. Our main objective was reducing crime. In the interest of security, CCTV cameras will play an effective and timely role in every area.


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