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Chittagong bureau:
In front of eleven parliamentary elections, Awami League and Awami League nominees, including the Awami League, have been elected to the elections. (Chittagong-5 )Hathazari parliamentary seat with 1 municipality, 14 union parishad and ward no. 1 and 2 of the city corporation. Electoral activists of this constituency are increasing day by day. They are trying to reach the people through various programs presently, the present Parliament Member Forest and Environment Minister Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud. Is this the party being released to the Jatiya Party? Or will the nomination of Awami League nomination? This is not the end of the imagination-people of the area.
In front of the next parliamentary elections, the Awami League, Jatiya Party and the grand alliance nominees are continuing their campaign along with the development campaign of the government in the area. Awami League hopes for 7 seats in this seat Jatiya Party candidate Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, the alliance partner of the alliance. There is publicity in political circles, if the alliance is elected, the seat will be released to the Jatiya Party. In the end, Awami League candidates may have to give a discount. After independence, the Awami League’s late MA Wahab was elected in the first parliamentary elections held in Hathazari constituency on 7 March 1973. Later, Awami League candidate could never win the seat. Awami League leaders want to be the candidate from here in the next election. Due to the release of the constituency repeatedly, the party leaders and activists are frustrated.
Jatiya Party presidium member, environment minister Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud has been nominated from the Grand Alliance for the Eleventh Parliament election. In 2008, he was elected a member of parliament from Japan as a candidate for the grand alliance in the ninth parliamentary election. He was elected unopposed as a candidate for the grand alliance in the 10th parliamentary elections held on 5 January 2014. In the meantime, the joint secretary of the district unit of Awami League Yunus Gani Chowdhury was hoping to nominate him. But the grand alliance nomination withdrew the nomination as decided by the board. Later, Anis was elected minister in this constituency.
Barrister Anis was elected Member of Parliament in the second parliamentary election on 18 February in 1979. In the 3rd and 4th parliamentary elections, he was elected a member of the parliament later. During this time, he served various important ministries. Halda worked for the development of excavation of parallel canals, halda dams, educational institutions and roads. After the election in 2014, he again continued his development work in the area and continued the development work in the area.
North District Awami League general secretary and district council chairman MA Salam will choose from this seat. She contested from this seat in 1996. This politician is dedicated to the party for a long time, led by the Northern District. He is one of the honest and renowned politicians. Although he lost the election in 96, he formed the Awami League government at the time; he played a role in the development of the area.
He told Azadi, that every political leader has the hope that he will become MP for the parliamentary elections. In my long political career, hopefully I will be the MP. I have already selected. I want to make a selection this time. Now if the president nominates, he will definitely be able to give the seat to the leader by winning the election. I want to select leaders and general voters of the area. Presently, as chairman of the district council, we have done a lot of development work in the area. Not only in Hathazari upazila, has allocation of development in Chittagong accelerated the development activities of the government.
Metropolitan Awami League Advocate Ibrahim Hossain Chowdhury Babul will also nominate the nomination. He contested as a candidate of Awami League in Hathazari in 2001. In the meantime, the marginal number of votes lost to the BNP candidate. Though he is a son of Hathazari, he has long been involved in politics with former Awami League leader ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury.
Advocate Ibrahim Hossain Chowdhury Babul said, I would like to nominate. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will choose if the party’s president If not, the team will work for the nominee. I was still on the streets in all the movement-struggle of the party, I still have. Last time I wanted to nominate. Hathazari and Kotwali seats will be nominated for this time.
Joint general secretary of North District Awami League and former member of CDA Yunus Gani Chowdhury will be nominated for the election. After long student politics, he is now active in the North District Awami League. In addition to his politics in the area, he has an unusual presence at various social-cultural and religious ceremonies. He said, he has been working for the party since his student life. I was beside the leaders and activists of the party. I’m still there. Last time I nominated the party’s president. Again, the team decided to withdraw it. I would like to nominate again. If you choose, we will make selection.
Awami League nominees from this constituency, members of North District Awami League, former General Secretary of North District BCL and Managing Director of Chittagong Bus Owners Federation Manjurul Alam Chowdhury Manju. He said that for a long time student politics, youth politics. Now it is associated with the politics of the Awami League. In the last 10 years, the amount of development the government has made in Hathazari upazila, now the party’s leaders and general people in the upazila want Awami League candidates. We are going to the people about the activities of the party and the government in the area. They are getting a huge response. But if the president does not give me anything else, I will work for him.

The former president of the North District BCL, the publicity and publication secretary of the North District Awami League and the CDA member Jasim Uddin Shah will also make the election, he said. He has been working to create public opinion on behalf of the party, highlighting the government’s development activities.
Mahbub Salauddin Chowdhury, Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Dhaka University, said that he would seek nomination from Hathazari seat. He came regularly in the area and was working for the welfare of the poor and helpless people in the area.
He told , I would like to nominate from the party. If we get nomination we will choose. If someone is given to someone else, I will work for him.
The number of current voters in Hathazari constituency is 3 lakh 7 thousand 8 hundred 94. In this, male voters are 1, 58, 3, 49 and female voters, 1 lakh 49 thousand and 45 thousand.


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