The outer ring road will be launched to reduce the people’s participation construction of the elevated expressway started this year



Chittagong bureau:
In the current year, traffic will be opened for vehicular traffic from Patenga to Sagarika under the roof of the outer ring embroidery. The construction of the elevated expressway from the Barik Building to Shah Amanat International Airport will also be started at the same time. CDA has decided to open informally ring road aimed at reducing vehicular traffic to reduce public transport during the construction of elevated expressway.
CDA sources said, the cost of Elevated Expressway Project costing up to Tk. Its length is about 16 kilometers. Already 100 million rupees have been allocated for the project, which will be started with the work. The remaining money will come in step by step.
CDA chairman Abdous Salam told that after the acceptance of the Elevated Expressway tender, contractor selection and purchase committee approval has also been approved. Even the funds required for this year has been allocated will start work soon. Public welfare will be created while working on important areas like customs, ports and EPZs. Efforts are being taken to reduce the sufferings. Outer Ring Road will be unofficially opened for vehicular purposes so that the people from Patenga and Airport can enter the city with the Outer Ring Road or get on the highway.
Regarding the press conference of Chittagong Forum, organized by Elevated Expressway, he said, they are not contradictory with the elevated expressway which they demand Because the road was not shortened during flyover construction. The road will not be shortened even during the construction of elevated expressway. Rather it will be somewhere bigger. They are talking about the sidewalks and dedicated roads, talking about discipline, I want to do this. I did not oppose these works. If you want to make a government agency, you will be able to cooperate as much as possible.
According to the CDA sources, the progress of the 15 decimal two-kilometer long outer ring road projects is going on from 4 kilometers to 12 kilometers of road project. The construction of the dam from 15 km to 200 kilometers from 4 kilometers and 1 kilometer from 1 km is almost in the final phase. The work of pile work, pile caps and peer caps were completed in order to construct the bridge no 01, 02 and 03 of 11 kilometers and 11 kilometers. There are currently ongoing other decks, including construction of deck slabs. The work of slapping protection is completed from 5 decimal 600 kilometer to 12 kilometer. The rest of the work is going on. Out of the 11 sluice gates, 8 are completed and the rest are completed. For the first half and a half kilometer of the project, construction of wall resistant wall of the sea has been built to construct three kilometer resistant wall at the end of the sheet piling.
Project Director of Outer Ring Road, CDA Caretaker Engineer Kazi Hasan Bin Sams told that about 75 percent of the work in the outer ring road was completed. Referring to the expiry of the project till June, he said it will be opened for vehicular traffic by December because the work of soil filling is going on in about one and a half kilometer. Now there is no rain in the rain. So this work will be completed within a month. However, the project will be required to expire in June to complete the construction of footpaths, including the construction of CC block for dam protection.
The project is being constructed at a cost of Tk. 426 crore and is being constructed 15.2 kilometers long and 20.50 meter to 24.50 meter width city-guard dam road. Besides, construction of 1.2-kilometer long and 24.45 meter-wide feeder road and 0.95 kilometer long and 15.60 meter wide flyover are being constructed.
Regarding the purpose of the project, the project director said that with the strengthening of coastal embankments, protecting the floodplains and marine tidal bores with significant importance including Chittagong City, Airport, EPZ. By constructing a road on the embankment, connecting Dhaka-Chittagong highway through Chittagong bypassing heavy vehicles from Chittagong port and Chittagong port, resolving the traffic congestions of Chittagong city with the convenience of transportation Expanding the industry by attracting foreign investment by promoting the housing, trade and tourism industry and increasing transportation facilities by improving the areas in the city and coastal embankments. The project is being implemented with the aim of connecting the proposed tunnels with the proposed tunnel at the mouth of the Karnafuli River.


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