The beggar sold Yaba and Phensidyl! arrest 3 in Chittagong city


Chittagong reporter:
Anti-drug campaign has changed the position, strategies, and manpower of drug traders. In order to give old traders a part of their employees, such as joining newcomers, similarly a new recruitment has been made to a group. And all this is going on under the direct supervision of rail security forces and staff of a class of police officers. Police have arrested three drug dealers in the last two days of the drives, who previously worked for the Faruk-Yusuf Syndicate, who were controlling Barisal colony. The arrestees are Khairul Haque Molla Rony (26), Tanvir Islam Shuvo (20) and Md. Arif (22). Of which Arif has not one foot. One LG and two round cartridge, one thousand 70 pieces of Yaba and 30 bottles of phensidyl were recovered from them.
Officer-in-Charge of Sadarghat Police Station Nejamuddin said that the controller of the Barisal Colony was the drug controller Faruk alias Bitta Faruk and Yousuf. Faruk dies in a gun battle with RAB. On the other hand, Yusuf went out of business for a year and abroad. Faruk’s brother Shukkur has dragged a large part of his staff to this opportunity. With whom new people have been appointed In the number one plat form of the railway station, they developed a drug counter by mixing the new archetypal. Earlier, we arrested some who worked for the previous syndicate. Now Shukkur has joined Syndicate. But we’re not discounting. He said the arrestees told us the name of the new syndicate 12 people. The campaign continued to arrest them.
Sadarghat Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Ruhul Amin told that on October 20, 2010, the drug lord Farooq died in a gunfight with the RAB, On May 20, two more drug dealers were killed in the RAB operation last night in Malipara, Barisal Colony. After his death, Faruk’s brother Shukkur captured Barisal Colony. On 22 May, the police raided three drug dealers and arrested them. Police knew that the three Faruk Yusuf syndicate, but the team changed the name of Shukkur’s team.
He further said that the police again launched the drive on Sunday and Monday again. Three drug addicts arrested He said the drug trader Shukkur had been trying to build a stable in the Barisal colony for a long time. Pangu Arif was placed in the neighborhood of Barisal Colony and Station Colony as beggar. The beggar was in his possession but he lived with Yaba-Pensidil. The drug addicts would have bought Yaba-Pensidil as a gift to the beggar. After the arrest of the beggar, the rest of the two have been arrested after the arrest of the beggar, said OC.
Sadarghat Police Station Officer-in-Charge Nezamuddin told , Arif said in the interrogation that 10 years ago his right leg was cut off due to the train cut. Since then, he was involved in the sale of drug in Barisal Colony. She is her brother-in-law of the arrested Roni. Roni and Shuvo too are in the group of Shukur.


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