4 crore rupees sister scan machine arrived at Chittagong Medical College Hospital’s nuclear medicine center



Chittagong bureau:

4 crore rupees sister scan machine arrived at Chittagong Medical College Hospital’s nuclear medicine center. The machine that is essential for identifying people’s bone cancer is brought from Hungary. The installation of the room in the designated room is now completed. The suppliers of the Hungarian company’s suppliers, who are suppliers of machines, will be trained in the training and machine testing work in the next two weeks.
Nuclear Medicine’s sister scan machine has been damaged for two years. It is nowhere in the private level, except for sewing only. The lack of the machine increased the suffering of the patients. Expert doctors say that due to cancer diseases, it is possible to start treatment early on by diagnosing it. If it is not detected quickly, it can spread to various bones of the body According to the data, a patient needs 6 thousand 200 rupees to check the bone scan in the private lab. And the cost of this test is only 1 thousand taka if it is from nuclear medicine. In this case, patients are going to pay more than 6 times in private lab compared to government hospitals. In addition to the cost of spending more money, in the private lab, patients are forced to read in a very long time. If you have to sit down to recognize the disease that is not allowed to sit for a moment, and then this disease will spread in new strength-that is normal.
The director of Chittagong Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, located near Cmc Hospital, said. Abu Hayat Mohammad Rakibul Haque said that the engineer from Hungary supplied the machine from the suppliers to the fixed room. A delegation of suppliers will be here to show how to operate the machine manually. The patients of Chittagong will get the benefits of this machine within the next one month.
The cost of the private lab is more than 6 times as compared to the Nuclear Medicine Center, which is financially delayed to ensure the medical facilities of the disabled. Due to the lack of sister scan machines; there is only alternative arrangement for the Chittagong people. As a result, many of the victims were running in Dhaka. Especially the only government (Nuclear Medicine) machine was destroyed for two years. After it was destroyed, Chittagong University of Nuclear Medicine wrote many writings at the government level. Then the tender is called. The machine comes 20 days before all processes. In fact, the matter of bringing the machine is supervised by the Ministry of Science and Technology from beginning to end.
Speaking to expert doctors, it is known that bone scan can be seen by showing pictures of bone wounds. Bone cancer is the genetic name of ‘sister malignant tumor’. The most common types of cancer include osteosarcoma, cancers coma, fiber cancer, etc. It can usually be derived from sister cells, bone hematopoietic components, bone desmoids or sinologic material. Bone cancer is divided into primary and secondary sections. Secondary sister cancer is usually more common in pelvic, alopecia, fulmar, etc. Primary sister cancer is very rare. Most breast cancer is the result of breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and prostate cancer. Then it is called bone metastatic cancer.
Residential surgeon of the radiotherapy department of Chittagong Medical College Hospital said. Ali Azgar Chowdhury said that out of every 100 people in our ward, 8 to 10 sisters have cancer. The rate does not stop at one place. Increasingly growing. So it is more important to identify sister cancer in early stages. If it is not detected rapidly, then spread to different parts of the body.
One statistics show that in all types of cancer, the rate of bone cancer is zero percent. The causes of sister cancer are still not completely clear. But it is believed that there may be bone cancer due to previous an injury or chronic infection, high bone growth, chronic inflammation, hereditary causes, various viruses, blood problems, and radiation exposure.
Primary signs of bone cancer include pathological disfiguration of the bone, continuous back pain, one or more fractures in the body without obvious reasons, the surrounding tumor’s parts appear to be numb, and the stomach appears on the surface of the bones, causing pain in some cases. You may not have fever, loss of weight, fatigue, body movements, mantras. Besides, bone joints can also cause pain. In many cases there may always be a light bullet injury.
It is learned from the fact that the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Science Bangladesh was first established in 1961. The Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences of 15 Medical College Hospitals continued their activities throughout the country. Under the Ministry of Science and Technology and under the supervision of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, the company is managed.
Meanwhile, according to information received from the Nuclear Medicine Center of Chittagong Medical College Hospital, four such machines have been brought. Among them, one is for Chittagong Nuclear Medicine Center. The remaining three have been brought to Sylhet, Khulna and Rajshahi centers. All the machines have been brought from Hungary


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