Speaking about the army chief Sedition case against Jafarullah



General Diary (GD) was filed as a case of sedition case against Govt. Health Center Trustee Jafarullah Chowdhury. The Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Branch (DB) is investigating the case.
In a private television talk show, the GD is against Jafarullah Chowdhury for allegations of false, baseless and motivated speech against the head of Bangladesh Army. The GD was done on Thursday by Cantonment Police Station in the city’s Cantonment Police Station. When GD was sent to the Home Ministry on Sunday, it was accepted as a sedition case and transferred to DB police for investigation Dhaka Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner on Monday. Abdul Baten informed the information. He said Assistant Police Superintendent of Detective Branch (ASP) Fazlur Rahman has been appointed as the investigating officer of the case. Asked about GD, Assistant Police Commissioner (AC) of the Cantonment Zone of the capital, Tapash Kumar Das, told a news agency that Major Rokibul Alam, Chief of the Legal Wing of the Army Headquarters, filed a GD against Cantonment Police Station against Jafarullah Chowdhury on Thursday.
ISPR protests the protest was issued on Monday in a press release sent by the ISPR to the media. It is said in the circular that on Oct 9, 018 at 10pm on ‘Time’ television, broadcast live talkshops ‘editorial’ At one stage of the discussion, Jafarullah Chowdhury, at the Bangabandhu Avenue in Dhaka on August 21, 2004, with the incidents of the brutal, disgusting and disgusting grenade attacks in the history of Bangladesh Awami League, in search of the involvement of the present army chief and the army, irresponsibly serve some false and fabricational information about the current army chief and army. In the day after the protest from the army headquarters (10th October), the TV authority protested at the beginning of the ‘editorial’ ceremony at the beginning of the day.
ISPR notification said. Zafarullah’s statement and the protest of the army head were highlighted. These two statements were clearly mentioned in the ISPR notification:
During the ‘Editorial’ talk show circulated at 10pm on TV on 9th October. Jafarullah Chowdhury has said that … … see Argus grenade, I do not know whether the time was up, whether our present Chief of Army Aziz was the Commandant of Chittagong, GOC was the commandant. From there, a large number of weapons, guns were stolen, lost, and sold. A court martial was also done for this, the Court Marshal was also named after General Aziz. He is today …, but why did he come, he is Overall, he must be from here now and we see more recently some boxes have been found in the pond, all of which are our failure ….
Regarding this statement, it is said in the protest against the ISPR, the Chief of the current army chief General Aziz Ahmed said. Jafarullah Chowdhury’s statement was an irresponsible, untrue statement Because the Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed was never employed as GOC or Commandant of Chittagong. He is the Brigade Commander 33 Artillery Brigade in Comilla from September 2010 to June 2011; From June 2011 to May 2012, 6 independent ADA Brigade Brigade Commander in Mirpur in Dhaka and from December 2012 to December of that year, he has been the GOC of 33 Infantry Division in Comilla. There was no incident of theft or loss of ammunition or ammunition in Chittagong or Comilla Cantonment during the said time. It is to be noted here that the present Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed has never met court martial in his long career military career.
It is said in the protest, about an army chief who is serving. This kind of irresponsible untrue statement of a prominent person like Jafarullah Chowdhury is fully motivated, which clearly shows that the army chief including the army, like the army, is trying to make public the public misdeeds. It is said in the protest, ‘Dr. Zafarullah’s irresponsible untrue statement has not only diminished the reputation and social standing of General Aziz Ahmed as the army chief, but he has severely ridiculed the post of army chief, which is misguiding all members of the serving army and negatively affecting their morale. Besides, such propaganda is harming the unity and unity of the disciplined forces like the army, which is unpredictable. ‘
After the protest of ISPR, a press conference was organized in the capital’s Public Health Hospital on October 13. Jafarullah In this context, the ISPR notification said that on October 13, at the press conference held at the public health hospital in the capital. Jafarullah mentioned earlier in his talk about ‘Time’ TV talk about the head of the army, ‘inadvertently mentioning the wrong information and’ incorrect word selection and the word was frustrated. ‘ At that press conference he presented some more information about the relevant issues. His statement at the press conference was published in almost all national newspapers including various electronic media, online portal. The military headquarters has attracted some of the issues mentioned in the published news, and it is said that the protest was issued from the army. ISPR’s Press B


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