Regulatory ‘rental trade syndicate’ in the CGS colony abandoned buildings in southern Agrabad


Staff Reporter:
Illegal installations in public places are nothing new. Many people have been living in the city’s railway, making illegal houses in different places of public works. The sample was found in the government colony.
In the city’s Agrabad SGS (mosque) colony area, many people are hired to raise tin-shed rooms in the extended colony of the government quarters. Day-laborers, garment workers, taxi drivers, and middle-class families are living in the colony illegally. The complaint has been found that local influential cycles are renting some of the colonies abandoned houses of illegal buildings and illegally occupying houses of low income.
On Monday, the SGS Colony visited the G-Type, F-Type, T-Town’s home in the front and back of the H-type government building. Renters from these rooms have refused to open their mouths in response to the question ‘Who has rented a house from?’ Many tenants agreed to speak in the endeavor, but all said that the name can not be disclosed. He hired a day-laborer eastclone, rented in an illegal house near the ‘G type’ building in Colony, six months ago he rented this room in a room. He has to pay the monthly 3500 taka. Government servants on the bottom floor of the quarters took the rent. He has several colonies in this place, he said. He said that there will be more than a hundred more rooms in total.
A garment worker unwilling to reveal the name said, he came to the colony three years ago. At that time, they were four in one room. The rent should be Rs 300 per month. Currently there are five in the room. Rent has increased to 200 Taka. This garment worker told there are many illegal messages in this colony. In which 5-6 people are garment workers.
Asked about these illegal installations, SGS Colony Association President Mofiz Ullah told “Some buildings have been set up in the extension. In many of these buildings, the officials used to get an appointment. Some have been paid illegally. But we do not have much to do about these issues. These are the works of public works and housing. ‘
A couple of years ago nine buildings in this colony were abandoned. On Sep 8, Public Works Minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain inaugurated the multi-storey building project in this colony. But no efforts have been taken to break those buildings till now and many people are living in these buildings. Many of them are government officials but most of them have been rented in illegal possession. Many of the colonies said that there are some influential people behind the illegal occupation.
Asked, Deputy Director of the Department of Commercial Housing, Khing Wan Nou told, “There are still some officers left in the quartered quarters. We sent them a notice to move. We have received complaints about illegal occupation and deployment very long ago. Investigation is underway in this regard. Eviction will be conducted soon.
Meanwhile, many people complained that the entire environment of the colonies is severely deteriorating for the illegal occupants. A colony resident said to the Muslim times, ‘Once upon a time we could walk in this colony without fear. But it is very difficult for the outsiders to move in the area where the dummy boys are chatting. After the evening, many people publicly addicted. It’s affecting our kids. We are very concerned about this matter


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