It is necessary to formulate a comprehensive design to reduce traffic congestion in the project area – Abdous Salam



Chittagong Reporter:
Coordination meeting with the construction of tunnels under the three projects under the CDA and the Karnaphuli River was held in the chairmanship of chairman Abdus Salam in the CDA conference room yesterday. The three CDA projects are the construction of the Chittagong City Outer Ring Road from Faujdarhat to Patenga, the world-class tourist center in Patenga and the elevated expressway from Lalkhan Bazar to the airport.
The conference is in close proximity to the three projects mentioned in the meeting, and its designs are discussed in detail. In the meeting, detailed discussions on the difficulties of access and exit of the projects were made to facilitate public and public transportation. In this, tunnel construction authority (Bangladesh Bridge Authority) presented an animation about connecting tunnel with elevated expressway and Chittagong City Outer Ring Road. At the time, CDA chairman Abdous Salam said that considering the future traffic demand in the area of ​​work, coordinating the discussion projects, keeping adequate space for the best approach road, overpass, and underpass and parking area, laid emphasis on formulating a detailed design of the connection space of the projects. Tunnel authorities at the meeting agreed to form a design very quickly on this issue. Project director of tunnel construction project Engineer Harunur Rashid, deputy project director engineer Rabiul Islam, team leader of the Karnaphuli tunnel construction team, team leader Gabin Streid, David Lee Karn and contractor company representative Peng Ming, Yang Meng and CDA chief engineer Jasim Uddin, the caretaker Engineer Kazi Hasan Bin Shams, chief city planner, Shahinul Salaam Khan, deputy secretary Amal Guha, City Outer Ring Road Project Team Leader Jose esapainasasaha consulting firms present in CDA’s senior officer present there.


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