Thousands of families Harry to keep children’s name ‘Titali’


International Desk:

Thousands of families of Ganjam, Jagatsingpur and Nayagarh districts of Odisha province, under the influence of Cyclone Triathra, are still in relief camps. So far the news of the death of 12 people was matched.
However, the names of all the daughters of the time who were born or born in the womb of their parents were left in their parents, mothers. The cyclonic storm was hit by a speed of 150 kilometers per hour at 6am on Thursday. On the same day, at 6 am 5am and 6 pm 12am in the hospital, housewife Allemmara (22) is the twin daughter.
At the time of the birth of a big girl, Titlie fell down. So now she wants to keep the name of two girls named Titolah. In Chhatrapur Hospital the same day, 7-year-old Bimla Das, the resident of Plurugara, gave birth to the girl. He wants to give the name of his daughter to Titlie According to this, Kanuparan Pal, Sub Divisional Health Officer of Chhatrapur.


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