Shakib gave good news ‘I can return to the field next month



Sports reporter:
World all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan returned home On Tuesday, Singapore Airlines flight landed at Hazrat Shahjalal Airport via Melbourne-Singapore. Talking to the media at the airport, Shakib said, “It is still not certain to return to the ground. If you can recover, you can return to the next month. When Australia went, the look was a shadow of doubt. The voice was skeptical and anxiety. While returning, smiling at the face of Shakib Al Hasan Australia hopes to return home from the country. The finger may return to the field in the next month. Shakib was admitted to the Dhaka Hospital on October 5 after being given temporary injuries in the injury.
In a hospital in Melbourne, it took weeks. During this time, his finger was fluttering in the air with the possible time of returning and in the air. Shakib himself cannot be assured of possible time to return to the field. However, Shakib returned to the country on Friday, saying, “It is actually a problem that has no time frame to fix. Maybe we can play in the next month. Now there is no pain in hand, I feel very good. The important thing is how long the power is back.
Rehob could come back quickly. If it comes, then you can play it in the next month. “For a month or so, the answer can be found, in fact, at the end of the rehabilitation process. But when the pain comes back, take action again to understand the situation. If you feel pain after Rehab, then you have to wait and see if you can do the surgery. This is actually uncertain. It’s a good thing that after the infection it has decreased (pain) a lot. Without pain, it is possible to continue the game without surgery. If that is the case, then there is nothing better than that. “But it is difficult to say. That’s why I can play even after a month, and it can take up to 6 months. Hopefully, after one month, I can. Even after the power is coming back, it may take even more than a month. “The main concern before going to Australia was that of finger infections. The doctors cannot be operated until the infection is recoverable. After returning Shakib heard the good news. ‘Infection is in control. But every week blood test will see if it increases or whether there is a new problem. The surgery is still in control. “The surgery cannot be done in 6 to 12 months. If the infection is in the bone, then it is not possible to cure it because there is no blood in it. To ensure this, surgery cannot be done within 6 to 12 months.
But the good thing is that without the surgery, it can be possible to play. I say, and Fiji’s suggestion, now it is thinking about how to play without surgery. “If Shakib cannot play, the team has to suffer severely. To eat fatigue is to perfect combination. Team Zimbabwe will be selected to test XI in this series to be examined. Tamim Iqbal will not be able to play due to injury in this series. But without the two, Shakib said: “The way Bangladesh have played in the Asia Cup final, it’s inspiration from Shakib. ‘This is actually part of the sport; two players will not always fit cannot always play. However, no one wants to be someone else’s opportunity. Hope they can make use of the opportunities and they will do well. There is no waiting for anyone. I hope Bangladesh will do better. If I can play the Asia Cup without me and Tamim, then I do not see the reason for not winning against Zimbabwe and the West Indies. “


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