Cambodia will find the bodies of US soldiers killed in Vietnam War


International Desk:
Cambodia is going to start a search operation in the dead body of US citizens killed in Vietnam War after a year’s break. The country has agreed to run the program with the United States. This information was received from Cambodia’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday. In a report, the UK-based news media Reuters reported.
A year ago, the program was suspended in the wake of tensions between the United States and Cambodia. Cambodian Prime Minister Han Sean announced the abandonment of the search operation known as PW / MIA.
When the trump administration tried to send back some Canadians accused in the United States, then the announcement came to an end. At that time Cambodia refused to accept citizenship of their respective countries according to the advice of the Trump Administration.
Cambodian Foreign Ministry spokesman Kate Sophan said on Friday a letter was written to a US Senator and a member of the delegation on Friday about the launch of this program, Prime Minister Han Sen. In the letter, he talked about mutual assistance. Kate’s letter expresses deep sympathy for the families of US citizens killed in the war in Vietnam.


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