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Realistic life is pushing towards real life. Social networking name Face book, Messenger, Emo and WhatsApp addicts. Almost all the young people, especially young people and brains, all day long – the free world of the Internet is roaming around.
There is no word for anyone living with a family under one roof. The mobile screen is intensely watchable for hours. Everyone is busy sitting in front of a mobile or a computer, in the spirit the social media has played a lot more role than helping the social media to be anti-social. As long as it is going deep, the object of such meditation is only to make the policy-morality and the struggle for the formation of a dying nation. Where there is no dream, there is no mantra to build the earth. There is only hope and disappointment in the dark world.
Referring to the current situation as a sign of the society, the Socialist and the intellectuals say that there has been a lot, the rope has to be dragged. This game, called social network, has a big impact on our society. If it is not closed at all, but at least six hours at least 12 am to 6:00 am, all Face book and Face book will be closed. In this time the lawlessness is more. Number of Face book Users: As Internet Live Status, the number of Internet users in Bangladesh is currently 20 million, which is 13 percent of the total population of the country. There are no specific accounts of how many Internet users use Face book in Bangladesh. But as IT sector-related, there are more than 20 million Face book account holders from Bangladesh. According to the rule, anyone below 13 years cannot open accounts on Face book. According to the International Internet Gateway (IIG) sources, currently in the country, 400 bbps (giga bits per second) internet bandwidth is used. However, 25 percent of internet data used in Bangladesh is spent on Face book using 30 percent. As such, 100 GBPs of total internet bandwidth is used through Face book. So, if the Face book closes for six hours a day, it will have negative impact on Internet usage, the sector-related people think.
More addictive Face book addiction than cocaine: A recent report published in the journal ‘Psychological Reports: Disability and Trauma’ said that cocaine has the same effect as the feeling of brain being busy with Face book feeds.
California State University researcher Professor Offel Turell said that people who do not have access to Face book, their brain’s math part of the reaction process continues. When taking cocaine, almost the same type of activity in the same area of ​​the brain –
In the study a list of questions asked for the students. There they confessed to the addiction to Face book. During this time, different pictures were shown. It is said that they were asked to press a button to show their favorite pictures. It has been seen that some of the buttons pressed the button on Face book. They are already addicted to Face book. Researchers have found that the excitement of Face book’s Megadeal part of the brain This part highlights the importance of events, emotions, etc.
Some participants have been working so fast on Face book that they do not even notice the signs of the road movement. That’s why the researchers called the topic horrible because if you see Face book’s notification on the mobile without seeing the indicator sign during the road movement, it can cause an accident.
Meanwhile, a report of Live Science said that addicted people on Face book are drug addicts. They are working on Face book in such a way. However, researchers claim that such behavior can be overcome by treatment. It is possible to add addiction to Face book through the use of control and enthusiasm. Like Twitter, Twitter users are victims of similar addictions.
Decreasing Attention: In an article published on a national daily on October 20, 2017, Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, a well-known academician of the country, wrote, “All of us who have studied at university level have all seen one thing. The ability of the students to concentrate over the past few years has been decreasing. Many times I think the students are listening to what I say while reading, but there is a kind of reluctance, a kind of laziness to use the brain to understand. I think this is the result of excessive addiction in Face book’s national social network. This is not only the problem of our country but the problems of the whole world. I have seen in many journals published in the journal, there is no fundamental difference between addiction and addiction on Face book.
Support for this educationist statement is available in a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2015. It was seen, before the Smartphone-revolution, people’s attention span was 12 seconds. Now it’s just eight seconds. And the least attention to the goldfish span 9 seconds! So, Western sociologists and educators are advised to be alert before cutting down on their foreheads.
Government’s monitoring of Face book: Students are being interrupted by the use of Face book till late night in the education of young people. This reduces the efficiency of the working people overall. Because the cartoon channels are open 24 hours, the children are watching cartoons till late night. Due to not being adequately sleeping, the physical and mental development of children and children is being hampered.
Regulatory controls and politicians: Face book and cartoon channels closed at midnight


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