Scientists claim explode from the Moon to Moon


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The moon is in the moon and there is no moon in the heart of the intellectualists. In a 4 year in 2014, Shashu asked his mother, Moon remain on moon. In the beginning of the question, the mother started searching for the mother.

It is known that astronaut Zuna Kolmoyer is involved in a series with the American counterpart in the United States of California. In her career, she is publishing a compilation of her son in a bar in France, in which she observes that in the Solar System satellites are seen today, they did not cheat before.

One time in the moonlight in the moonlight of the moon in the satellite of the Earth. It is said that the Moon around the Earth eats the moon, and it is likely that around the moon, its nerve moon, which is called ‘Saboon’ in the virgin marriage. They make fun of the kanti they say ‘Munmun’

Like in the picture, at the time the moon splinters are bigger than onacuchi today. And his ‘Munmun’ is very small. They have been trying to capture them in the cabinet, in such situations, the moon and its moonlight, both of them had to stay far away from Pratibi.


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