Oli at the press conference If there is no political decision, there will be another bloodstream



President of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) questioned whether the 11th parliamentary elections will be held at all Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad Bir Bikram. On Saturday, he raised this question at the LDP central office in Tejgaon on the occasion of joining various political party leaders and activists. He said, ‘I will call on Bangabandhu once again and arrange a fair election by discussing that people’s franchise and democracy will be established. If anything outside of this election is announced after the date of election, bloodshed is waiting in the country.
Oli said, “I am not sure whether there will be any elections in the country at all. But the question remains whether the people can vote if the elections are held again. “He said,” The transition of the nation is underway now. Many challenges before us Think about how to deal with them.
The former BNP leader said that those who believe that the next election will be repeated in 2014, they are living in a bunker paradise. It will never happen again. He warned, “If there is still political decision about the election, there will be another bloodstream.”
Oli said, “We have seen in the past who are supporters of BNP, they have opposed the BNP by staging the streets.” It cannot be said that they will not oppose tomorrow. ‘
He said, ‘Dr. I welcome the BNP talk with Kamal Hossain. However, the time is much less. We also see what you are doing. ‘
LDP President said, “Those who do not have two seats, they also saw 150 seats. I am warning everyone to be in time, so you cannot do any job easily. The more they rejoice, their hearts know what they have done. ‘
Former Whip Abdul Karim Abbasi, LDP Presidium Member and former MP Professor Mohammad Abdullah, former MP Abdul Ghani, Engineer Kamal Uddin Mustafa, LDP Senior Joint Secretary-General Sahadat Hossain Selim and others were present.


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