In the inauguration of the Children’s Court, It is important to change the attitude of creating a child-friendly environment -Minister Menon



Chittagong bureau:
No development can be said of real development if children are not developed. The development of children’s mental and intellectual development is real development for this reason, creating a child-friendly and child-friendly environment. Only child-friendly environment is not created by law. Correcting the law, child-friendly environment will not be created. In order to create a child-friendly environment, we must first change our outlook. Social Welfare Minister Rashed Khan Menon said these words in the inaugural ceremony of the Children’s Court inaugurated by the Supreme Court Special Child Rights and with the help of UNICEF. District and Sessions Judge Mohammad Jahangir Hossain, in the chairmanship of the District and Sessions Judge Court, held the meeting in the chairmanship of the Supreme Court Special Committee on Child Rights and in the chairmanship of High Court Justice Naima Haider. Ismail Hossain. High Court Justice Sheikh Hasan Arif, Justice Khijer Ahmed Chowdhury, UNICEF Country Representative Edward Bagsaidar spoke. Judges working in Chittagong, District Lawyers Association President Sheikh Iftekhar Simul Chowdhury, General Secretary Mohammad Nazim Uddin, District PP AKM Sirajul Islam and other government prosecutors were present.

The minister also said that one time the socialist country was called children of King of the Kings. The kingdom of the children was the kingdom of the kingdom. He said children in the children’s court cannot be considered criminals. We have to create a child-friendly environment with the capabilities we have. Our government has established the Kishore Development Center by changing the already established Kishore Correction Center. In every district, child development centers will be set up gradually. The laws of the children should not be tried in the ordinary courts. There are plans to establish a more specialized court for child protection. The minister also said the law will make the child more child friendly by removing some inconsistencies in the current law.
Justice Sheikh Hasan Arif said, “I was once involved with the child organization Khelaghar. So I’m sensitive about children. He said that at birth, all children were born with similarity Later, we, in-society, created discrimination among them. Sajaj gives children a good opportunity to study in a good institution, gives someone less opportunity, and some people get no opportunity to be made as human. As a result, discrimination is created. This leads to some of the offenses of child trafficking. For this reason, he emphasized the change in attitude. He proposed that the new reformed children’s court in Chittagong court would have to be made to a large extent in a larger room. Expressing dissatisfaction with the absence of space, the government has set up a relatively small court.
United Nations Country Representative Edward Bagsadera advised to conduct child-friendly court programs for children in Bangladesh (Prosegire) and said that the child’s crime was taken from the age of 9 years. He requested for 12 years to increase the age limit. He said, we are happy to assist the Supreme Court Special Committee on Child Rights.
In the speech of the President, Justice Naima Haider said that before the United Nations declared the United Nations Children’s Charter in 1989, our constitution has been asked to protect the children. Then in 1974 child-friendly laws were made in this country. Later, in 2013, new child laws were made more time-bound. He said that judging by this law, no child can understand why he is not being tried. The child thinks he has come to visit relatives. He mentioned the 2013 child laws as a unique law. Child protection will be implemented if proper implementation of this law is implemented. In the Children’s Court, judges or lawyers can not wear gown or judicial uniforms. The children in the court have to keep the balloons and sports items for children


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