Hanif’s counters lock the BCL Indefinite bus stop on all routes in the south On 21 August grenade attack convicts


Chittagong bureau:
Bus service has been closed indefinitely on all the south routes, due to the closure of the Chittagong-based Hanif Enterprise ticket counter in Shah Amanat Bridge area. On Saturday noon, a group of BCL activists locked the door to the counter. In spite of trying to get help from the Baklia Police Station, owners stopped the movement of vehicles from five to south Chittagong. Transport owners are urgent the meeting was also demanded to remove the Bakoliya Police Station OC Pranab Kumar.
It is believed that Hanif Enterprise and Hanif Super Transport’s ticket counters have been locked in memory of the Hanif transport owned by the convicted Hanif, who was hanged on August 21 in the grenade attack. But the ownership of three transports is different.
After blocking the Hanif Enterprise counter in Shah Amanat Bridge, youths attacked the AC counters of Hanif Paribahan in the area of ​​Garibullah Shah Mazar area and vandalized them. At the time, they humiliated two counters of the counter. Counter manager Masudur Rahman said a group of 30/40 people carried out this attack at 3 pm. The attackers broke the front and rear glasses of the counter, the sofa of passengers, two laptops and two monitors of the computer. Both the counters of the counter beat them both if they try to convince them. Then, leaving the shutter and leaving the ‘Masterda SuryaSen Brigade’ in front of the counter, the Chittagong banner was set and left.
Akaan Road Transport Workers Union General Secretary Mohammed Mota told that at around two and a half yards, a group of youth came and locked the ticket counters of Hanif Enterprise and Hanif Super. Hanif Transport, owned by Hanif and ordered to hang on the verdict of the grenade attack case, is not the same owner of Hanif Enterprise, who is on the Chittagong Cox’s Bazar route. Secretary General of Chittagong District Owners Association Abul Kalam Azad
Hanif told the Bakoliya Police Station OC to stop the closure of the Enterprise and ask for OC’s cooperation. The OC did not cooperate but used mischief with Kalam. When it was known to the bus owners, they decided to stop the bus service in an emergency meeting.
The worker leader Mota said, Hanif, who is on the Dhaka-Chittagong route, has no relation with Hanif traveling on Chittagong Cox’s Bazar route. After the closure of the counter, the Baklia Police Station OC did not cooperate, but seeking cooperation. Transport owners did an emergency meeting due to lack of police cooperation. In the meeting of the owners, the decision was taken to stop passenger bus services on all routes of South Chittagong for indefinite period until the issue of security in the removal of the OC and traffic movement.
Hanif Paribahan GM Nurul Kabir Selim and AGM Sekandar Hossain claimed that Hanif Enterprise, and Hanif Transport and Hanif Super Private Limited, were found guilty in the bomb blasts case on August 21. We tried a lot to understand this point. They did not try to understand it in any way. We tried to solve the problem again and again. The police did not take any legal action against those involved in the incident.
Baklia Police Station Inspector (OC) Pranab Kumar said that on Wednesday afternoon transport leader Abul Kalam Azad said that a group of young Hanif Enterprise’s ticket counters were closed in the area of ​​Shah Amanat Bridge. Abul Kalam was quite excited at this time. He has used me badly. The matter has been informed to the senior authority.
OC Pranab said suddenly Hanif Enterprise’s ticket counters stopped in the area of ​​Hanif Enterprise in Shah Amanat Bridge area. There was no incident of vandalism.


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