General amnesty will be valid till October 31 In the United Arab Emirates


In the United Arab Emirates, the general deadline for the expiry of the deadline is increasing as the anxiety of the expatriates hoping for legitimacy is increasing. These anxieties have increased due to the danger of not getting a passport within the prescribed period of general remission. The concern has been created due to the incitement of passport services in Bangladesh Consulate in Dubai.
The demand for service-seekers, in exile in the Abu Dhabi region, has got a planned and well-deserved service as it has been legal in the Dubai Consulate in Dubai. People here have been subjected to endless harassment, harassment, and torture to get passport services, said Victims. Many service-oriented people are frustrated with not being able to serve them illegally Choosing to go from The expatriates alleged that expatriates were deprived from the scope of general forgiveness due to the negative attitude of the officer towards the vested interests of the passport officer engaged in the mission and the service-seeking expatriates. The general amnesty commenced on August 1 will end on October 31. The rest of the period is just 17 days. In the meantime, the number of out-of-the-way acquisition of small amounts of money is very small. At the time, the Bangladesh Embassy in Abu Dhabi took outpace from two thousand people. And 10 thousand people out of the Bangladesh Consulate in Dubai. Bangladeshis have received passport services from these two missions of 40 thousand illegal expatriates. More than five to eight thousand expatriates are waiting for service. There are enough doubts about whether illegal expatriates create a digital passport and cannot be valid at all.
Meanwhile, at the Abu Dhabi Embassy, ​​despite the crowd of service-seekers, the crowd of the Dubai Consulate still remained low. Every day hundreds of services are waiting for the front of the office of the consul. Complaints of victims, this crisis has been created simultaneously.
It is found that, spending night and night waiting for hundreds of services on the island in the middle of the street beside the Bangladesh Consulate of Dubai Standing in the line to catch the serial in the morning then the face of the data center. There is a serial stamping in the application form of the passport after five to a week then to go to the Consulate office, for the BA Mete Reports After receiving clearance from the passport officer for signing. After returning some people from here, another date is given. After signing the date, the money was given for the deposit and fingerlings to come again a week later. When the day came, someone was returned from the line telling someone to come in another week. In this way, expatriates are employed in low-income jobs, unemployed, day laborers and others.
The victims, who have not received the benefit from the passport officials, were present at the door of the consulate day after day. On the prospect of a passport, the complainant is being assaulted by the consular staff, some of whom are reluctant to disclose the names of the expatriates.
There are allegations that those who have committed immoral transactions have been given the opportunity to work out before the line. Almost every day, there are incidents of taking away mobile phones, snatching passport papers and being beaten out of the premises of the consulate, protesting in line with the protests.
It is alleged that some people outside the consulate office would collect files from outside and complete all the work in one day. Recently, a person with a person named Muna talked to the consulate office premises. Asked about ‘How to get a passport service in a day’, the person named Mura said that to complete one file in a day, it would take five dirhams. In the context of the conversation, he said that he himself is a friend of the Consulate Office officer. Some unscrupulous people are surrounded by the consulate office.
The demand for the participants is also to say that a large syndicate is active inside and outside the Dubai consulate around general forgiveness activities. In the field of service, community leaders, leaders of different organizations, recommendations of the council consensual, while ignoring the principles, the inner light is different.
Bangladesh Community Leader and Chief Adviser of Dubai Bangabandhu Parishad Prof Abdus Sobur said that the government has harassed the unscrupulous service providers of some of the consulate officials for the general amnesty declared by the government this year. On the other hand, the government has questioned the image.
Organizational secretary of Bangladesh Association Nasir Talukder said, “We have tried our best to keep the people together with the organization. Ambassador Mohammad Imran lacked the sincerity surrounding this general apology. He said, expatriates in the Abu Dhabi region are satisfied with the service. However, the accusations of expatriates with consulate have disappointed us.
While speaking privately, Ambassador Mohammad Imran said that we are trying to get illegal Bangladeshi immigrants so that they can get a passport. Already the visa transfer has been launched. He said that expatriates could simply transfer the visa when Abu Dhabi’s office is located in Al Rafa Mall. He urged illegal Bangladeshi lawmakers to act immediately in the country. Meanwhile, expatriates called Bangladesh Embassy to pray to the Emirate government for a general pardon, due to it being time-consuming due to the passport bust Consulate in Dubai.


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