Dancers and songs seduced by children at the Siva Children’s Festival



Reporter :
Children’s dance in the rhythm of the song ‘Where are the butterflies found in the butterfly With the magic of Faisal Ahmed All the enchanting spectators. It was found on Saturday evening at the Shilpakala Academy, the festival of Siva Children Festival and the CIV alphabet. In association with the ‘Chittagong Institute of Visual Arts’ and ‘Siwa Freedom School’ organized by the first Art and Photography Institute of Chittagong, more than 200 children from 30 schools and some facilities have participated in ‘Siva Children Festival and Siva alphabet festival’ with the participation of deprived children. The theme was organized for illustrations, story writing, beautiful writing and recitation for children. Under the supervision of renowned artist Rezon Prophet, a special art and craft workshop was organized with the help of teacher teachers and teachers. The program was open for children.
City Mayor AZM Nasir Uddin was the chief guest at the program. Habib Tajqueira and Syed Rumman Ahmad of Hamer Strength were the special guests, among others, Mohammad Jobair. Presided over by Chittagong Institute of Visual Art Adviser Renowned artist Resen Nabi At the beginning of the ceremony, Sylhet director Nusrat Jahan Mishu delivered the welcome speech. Later, Mr. Syed Managing Director Hasan Murad spoke.
The speakers said that parents, family, society, educational institutions can play a leading role in the development of children’s physical and mental intelligence. The creative work of the child makes the child able to make decisions. Do not put your own desires, effects, dreams in the child born with unique characteristics. Do not obstruct the mental, physical and intellectual development of the child by eliminating personal, family, social values ​​by making Namdami school admission, fasting in class, making doctors and engineers. Children will think, write and sing like themselves. The main objective of the first child festival of 2017 and the Siva alphabet festival is to encourage the creativity and knowledge of children and to make the teaching enjoyable. In order to make children’s normal development and delightful of education, Siva started a new trending school called ‘Siva Freedom School’ for children.
On the occasion, guests and children of Siva Freedom School of Chittagong Institute of Visual Art – Siva presented a crest, certificate and gift items to the award-winning creative artist through a heart-breaking cultural program.


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