Matter of officially ending the war in Korea’



South Korean President Mon Zay-in said that the war in Korea is officially ending now is just a matter of time. He said that now the United States and North Korea are announcing the end of their war on this peninsula. Mon Zay-ins has called on the United States to consider the demand for North Korea’s announcement of ‘Korea war ended’.
The South Korean leader’s call to the United States President Trumph comes at a time when two countries seem to be moving towards different points of view in Pyongyang. In the Korean peninsula, there was war in the 1950-53. After that, a ceasefire was signed between the two parties, dividing two Koreas into North and South, which are still in force. There is no official announcement of the end of the war or the agreement between the two Korean Koreans. The United States has always avoided the formal announcement of the end of the Korean War.


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