Claims to amend the Digital Correction Act On Monday, the editor of the human chain will be Parishid


Staff reporter:

Editorial Parishid will make a human chain on Monday for the amendment of 9 sections of the Digital Correction Act.

On Saturday, a meeting was held at the club’s national conference and the editorial was announced at the post.

Chief Editor of Manjamani Patrika Matiur Rahman Chowdhury, Noyeej Editor Nurul Kabir, Prothom Alo Editor Matiur Rahman, Deli Star Editor Mahfuz Anam, Kaler Kantho Editor Imdadul Haque Malin, Bhorer Paper Editor Shyamal Dutta, New Daginte Editor Alamgir Mohiuddin, News- Acting editor Khandaker Muniruzzaman, editor of the karatoa. Acting editor of Md Jahangir Haque, Acting Editor of AMM Bahauddin, Jugantor’s acting secretary Saiful Alam, Banaki Brakha editor Doyen Hanifi Mahmud, editor of Dhaka Tribune, Jafar Sobhan, acting editor of Samakal Mustafzi Shaf, Khandoni Secretary Naim Nazim, Independent Secretary M Shamsur Rahman Other than that.

In the announcement of the press release, the editor of ‘Vorer Kagoj’ editor Shyamal Dutta in the editor parasidara.

According to Toni, Editorial Correspondence Act, in accordance with the amendment of 9 sections, the editorial will make a human chain in front of the National Prose Club at 11am on Monday, editor Parasid said. Members of the human chain will participate only in the editor.

Information minister Hasanul Haque Inu, appearing for the editor of the human chain, said that on 29 September, the postponement of this program was postponed and the editor Parasheed was asked to sit in the audience. Later, the editor sat in the chair with the Minister of Information and the minister and a deputy editor-in-chief of the Prime Minister Parshidar. At that time, the minister will not take any decision on the government’s decision. The minister will take the matter to the notice of the editorial secretary and will be discussed further in the matter with the approval of the ministry. There is no discussion in the two meetings of the Cabinet Minister.

In this speech, the editor of Parashid, in the speech speech, said that the editor of Parishid’s posthumous human speech will be held on Oct. 15.

The editor of the editor Parasidar General Secretary, ‘Deli Star’, Mahfuz Anam said, ‘The law is the letter of the law. It is possible that this trend is possible. We hope that the amendment will be amended by amending those provisions.

In view of this, Editor Parasheed, 8, 21, 25, 28, 29, 31, 32, 43 and 53 of the Act, will believe that independence will be severely damaged in independent journalism and opinion. In the first session, the editors are demanding amendment of these sections in the sub-committee.


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