Bishu was killed without getting the Durgapuja leadership



Chittagong Reporter:
Puja celebration committee’s finance secretary Bishoo Kumar Dhar, who was killed due to lack of leadership in the committee. Police have arrested Shimul Dhar Babu (30), who was involved in the murder. Shimul accepted the killing. In the meantime, the police recovered the slaughtered and bloody clothes used in the murder. Chittagong Metropolitan Police Additional Police Commissioner (Crime and Expedition) Amena Begum told reporters at a press briefing at Pahartali Police Station on Friday.
The arrested is Shimul Dhar, son of late Gopal Krsna Dhar of South Kattli Banikpara of Pahartali Police Station in the city. There is a gold shop named Peara Jewelers in Pahartali Bazar.
He said that the general secretary of the South Kattli Banikpara Puja Committee was in office One of them, Rajiv Kumar Dhar, a friend of Bishu Kumar Dhar. Another Shimul’s friend Shibu Kumar Rajiv Kumar Dhar was elected as the general secretary. In this matter, Bishoo always disturbed Shimul. There were quarrels between them several times. The conflict is mainly due to the conflict between them. Shimul phoned the General Secretary of Pahartali Thana Puja celebration committee and Bishwur Mitra Rajiv Kumar Dhar to take the incident to the other side. He said that unknown terrorists attacked Bishwas and Shimul. When Shimul escaped, Bishu was stabbed and killed.
Amena Begum said, when a 12-year-old girl saw the matter, she said, “We suspect Shimul with the details of Rajiv’s information and adolescents.” After that the police called the campaign. Later Shimul was tricked into the front of the Pahartali Eye Hospital. Accepting the fact that Shimul was involved in the murder, he confessed. Later, according to Shimul, in whose house the knife and blood clothed in the house were recovered.
Pointing out that the situation could have been destabilizing the killers, she said, there was an opportunity to think of such a incident as a militant attack before the Durga Puja of Hindu community. But we could quickly reveal the mystery of the incident. So there is no scope to make the situation unstable. This event is completely predetermined Three days before, bought a knife from Shimul Bazar.
Earlier, on Thursday night, ¬†Finance Secretary Bishw Kumar Dhar (28) was killed by stabbing at Sagarika Shibbari intersection of Pahartali Police Station. In it, injury marks were found in various parts of the body including Bishu’s throat and chest. Meanwhile In the incident Bishur’s father Milon Kumar Dhar filed a murder case with the police.


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