Water Development Board will make 10 kilometer dredging of Karnaphuli River


Chittagong Reporter:

Dredging from Chandraghona ferry to Betagi part. At the same time, the river will be 6 km dredging. The work of the dredging project will be started in January next year at a cost of about two hundred crore.
After the port of Chittagong, the Water Development Board has taken the initiative of Karnaphuli dredging for the first time. In 2011, the Port Authority started dredging work from Karnaphuli Sadarghat to Baklia part. But due to the neglect of the contractor, it stopped in midway. Three years later the Karnaphuli dredging took the initiative of the port authority again. It can be seen that the new pyro rises in the Karnafuli river ridge, Sarfwata, Betagi, Boerkhali’s Sreepur-Kharandanwip, and Farnadipip. The navigability of the river is hampered by the movement of the vessel. During the tide, while the boat was moving, it was stuck in the grazing time. Karnaphuli is going to die a lot. Again, the erosion of parts of the river has been very strong. Hundreds of homes, crop fields, field farms and various establishments have disappeared in the river due to river erosion Karnaphuli consuming new area in the rainy season.
It is seen that hundreds of sand floating sand are being raised illegally every day from the roar of the Karnafuli River. The sand is being lifted illegally from Balumhal in support of government-led political leaders and influential people. The government is losing revenue of billions of dollars in this In addition to Karnaphuli river, dredging will also be done in Rangunia Ichamati river. From the Rajanagar to Ghatchak, the area will be dredging up to six kilometer area. Water Development Board Executive Engineer Swapan Kumar Barua said that the last year Development Project Proposal (DPP) has been submitted for the partition and dredging of Raozan-Boalkhali part of the Karnaphuli River. The ECNEC meeting on Tuesday approved the project of Tk 398 crore. Half of the money will be spent on dredging Following the instructions of the Prime Minister’s Office, every project of the Water Development Board will now have dredging work.
In addition to the Karnaphuli River, 6 km of river Rangunia Ichamati river will be dredged. Dredging will be done from the Rajanagar to the warehouses in the area.
Engineer Swapan Kumar Barua said that after the passage of the ECNEC meeting, it will take two to three months for the concession and approval of the project. Tender call and project work will start in January, he said.
In 2011, the port authorities started the Karnafuli River dredging work. The work of dredging, arrow protection and beautification was started from Sadarghat River to Baklia area. Project closes in 2014 River dredging on the banks of the river falls into the river in tide-rains. This has reduced river navigability further. The port authorities have to take the initiative of dredging in the second phase.
Water Development Board has taken initiatives to govern the river for the first time. This means that the Karnafuli will be useful for increasing the navigability of the river and navigating the vessels.
In addition to dredging, the projects of erosion in Rangunia, Boalkhali and Kaptai have been approved. The villagers said that the breakdown of the Karnaphuli has started since independence. The erosion of the last 30 years has been intensified. In this, hundreds of people of 5 upazilas have lost their homes, land and land. Many families have taken shelter outside refugees. In the ECNEC meeting, a project worth Tk 398 crore has been approved for erosion, river protection and dredging.
Engineer Swapan Kumar Barua said that due to the implementation of the project, the direction of the river will return to normalcy. Maintaining the balance of the environment, social development, employment and poverty will be eliminated. Hundreds of people, the land will be saved.



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