Three former IGPs of the police are responsible for this ,not whole police



MT Desk:
Three former Inspectors (IGP) of police are among the defendants in the Ekushey August grenade attack case. Two people have been fined for two years and one for three years imprisonment – and fine of Tk 50 thousand on various charges including neglect of duty. Shahidul Haque, Mohammad Ashraful Huda and Khodabex Chowdhury among the 49 people who declared the punishment of Shaheed Noor Uddin, the judge of the fastest trial tribunal of Dhaka on Wednesday. They all worked as police chief. 19 people have died in the case – and 19 people have been given life-time for the rest of the last 11 years. Among them, the punishment of three former chiefs of police is unprecedented in history. There are also reactions to the police about the matter. Although it has been said by the force, those who got the punishment were denied personal accusations. This responsibility cannot be yours.
During the grenade attack, the police chief was Shahudul Haque. He is in jail. Two years in prison – has been his After the grenade attack, the prosecutor questioned the role of the martyred. He did not visit the venue once after the attack. Shahudul Haque was once a military officer. Later, he was included in the police force, President Ziaur Rahman. After the BNP government came to power in 2001, Shahudul was appointed as the head of the police chief on contractual basis.
During the BNP government, he could not stay for the post of chief of the police. He had to leave the post for contempt of court. From April 2003 to December 2004, he was in charge of the police chief for one year and eight months. During the grenade attack, Ashraful Huda was in charge of the Metropolitan Police of Dhaka. He has been sentenced to two years imprisonment. He was in charge of the police chief from December 15, 2004, till 7 April 2005, or less than four months. Another former police chief, Godabad Chowdhury, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment. He was in charge of additional police chief during the grenade attack Afterwards the police chief.
When asked about the three IGP of the police, the former Inspector General of Police Nurul Huda and Nazmul Huda refused to comment on the matter. However, Ruhul Amin, Public Relations and Public Affairs Division of the Police Headquarters said, “No person will take responsibility for the whole police force. If someone does crime, then he will be tried. And this judgment will not affect the police.


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