The possession of the Ayesha Manju government primary school lands is a local person, who was reluctant to reveal the name Chandgaon Ward No. 4


Chittagong Reporter:

Throughout the history of educating people to give their land to school education, the history of giving donation of their land is everywhere But less than the prerogative of the educational institution. A similar incident happened in Ayesha Manju Government Primary School. Complaint has been found in the possession of Aisha Manju Government Primary School ground in Moulvi Pukur area of ​​Chandgaon area. A local person, who was reluctant to reveal the name, said, “We saw a lot of trees and flower nurseries in front of the school about three centuries.” For many days, Azad Hossain was trying to take over the place. Local people, teachers and students could not get caught in the face of obstacles. During the closing of the Eid-ul-Azha, he built rented houses in that area.
The school authorities complained, in 1995, the school was established on 10th century land. Outside the academic building, almost four centuries have been used as school grounds. But recently a local expatriate took over the school ground and built a rented house. In this case, a case was filed with the Metropolitan District Magistrate and the Chandgaon Police Station. The court continued the construction of the deployment without prior permission of the court despite issuance of Section 145.
The school authorities claimed that there was not enough space in the presence of schools in front of the school. The trees and flowers that were earlier told that the nurseries were not found. If you want to contact Azad Hossain on the basis of the complaint, his mobile phone (018২20002) is closed. If contacted by Azad Hossain’s brother Taskee Ahmed, to know the truth about the matter, he said, I do not know anything about this. I have no contact with my brother.
The investigation officer of the case Chandgaon Police Station sub-inspector Kajal Sarkar told the Muslim times that the matter related to land related issues in the court is ongoing in both the sides. The Metropolitan District Magistrate has been ordered to maintain law and order. We are keeping an eye on any kind of confusion between the two parties.


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