The Karnafuli is broken, the man is destitute


Chittagong bureau:

The river crosses many miles this is the kind of river play ‘. This song with the character of the river is a mythical poet who painted the traditional form of the poor people of Bengal Many stories of the poet, the poetry story of the poem, a river which flows by the side of Boalkhali, the  Karnafuli. The people who dream of thousands of people on the river bank have lost their prehistoric times. Although the excellence of civilization, they could not be freed from the curse. The breakdown has not diminished in modernity, but in the competition of mechanization and sand mining, the people of river banks are now facing new natural challenges outside of the natural habitat and the unethical pressure of artificiality. In the last few years, most of Boalkhali areas were discharged from the ravages of river erosion, but the Sripur-Kharnandip area, a parliamentary seat with Rangunia, was not released. The people of frustrated neighborhoods and riverside river But the hope is that the ECNEC meeting will be going on in the meeting on October 9, for the construction of blocks for the disruption of the rivers of Sreepur-Kharndip-Jaitpura area. Local people are expecting it. Local Union Awami League President Ratan Chowdhury said that if all is well, the project will be inaugurated on 12th October by the local MP, Awami League’s publicity and publication secretary. Hasan Mahmud It is known that on July 2, 2013, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved Tk 7 crore for the project to prevent Karnaphuli river erosion in Raozan and Boalkhali part of the meeting. The project was passed by dividing 21 packages. In this, seven blocks of Raozan upazila and seven blocks of Boalkhali upazila, five block of Boalkhali canal, two blocks of Raikhali canal were installed in the block to prevent erosion. However, this package did not have an arrow of about 5 kilometer river of Sreepur-Kharnandipip.
It is found that, Jahyatpura Bhandaljuri canal and Bhandaljurie fisheries of Sreepur-Kharnadipi union of the upazila and Baruapara, Sheikhpara, Vrimala Ghat, Bhangapukur, Harish Chandra Munshir Ghat of Sreepur, and the entire playground area of ​​Kharanadipip are being flooded in the river. The level of breakdown has increased in the last few decades due to unplanned sand extraction from the river. In addition, the tremendous water drift descended from Jaitpura hill is buried in the canal of the Vandaljuri canal, in the womb of the canal. Local people are losing their lives in the cemeteries, in-laws, temples, mosques. Locals said, Didarul Islam of Sreepur, lost the house in the last decade and lost the river. Selim, Md. Harun, Abdus Salam, Abdur Rahim, Nurul Islam, Mozaharul Haque, Issar Mia, Sheikh Pader Abdus Shukkur, Abul Hashem, Juna Mia, Md. Shafi, Bhandaljurira Abdul Haque, Farida Begum, Md. Forkan, Aasia Begum, Rezaul Karim, Nurul Haque, Sahab Mia, Abdul Gafur, Ali Hamza, Noor Hamza, Muslim Mia, Ali Akbar and others.
About this, Awami League leader Rezaul Karim Raja said, people of Karnafuli riverbank are more helpless. They have to fight and fight with breakdown. He sought the government’s quick step in this regard asked the local chairman Mohammad Mokaram said, Honorable MP Dr. In the endeavor of Hasan Mahmud, steps were taken to stop the breakdown by blocking part of the Karnafuli section of the Bhandaljuri canal at a cost of Tk 58 lakh in 2013 from the Climate Fund. However, due to the continuous erosion of water, it did not last long. The whole process of blocking the block is being repeated. Hopefully this problem will be solved quickly if the project of Tk 30 crore is spent in the ECNEC meeting.


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